Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Origins of Christian Monasticism" DVD

For the past year I have been working in conjunction with the Catholic homeschooling company Homeschool Connections to put together the pilot DVD in what will hopefully become a whole series of DVDs on Catholic History. The genesis of these DVDs was in the history lesson plans I use when teaching history at Homeschool Connections at at my local homeschool co-op. My lesson plans are always very narrative oriented, and it struck me one day that they might make good movies. Fast forward a year, and now we are proud to present the first DVD in this series, "Origins of Christian Monasticism", released last month and now available for purchase through the Homeschool Connections website DVD page, here (you can read a summary of the video and some short clips from the movie). This is no low-budget, dreary, boredom inducing production; professionally recorded and produced and featuring original music and images from classic Christian art, this DVD explores the theological and historical origins of western monasticism and shows how Catholic monks won Europe to the Faith.

Run time is approximately 45 minutes, plus 4 minutes of bloopers. Cost is $15.00 plus shipping.

We are already working on the second DVD, which will be on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico. DVD 2 ought to be released in May 2013, Lord willing.

For any other questions or for information on Homeschool Connections, please contact or call 888-372-4757.


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

We bought it, watched it at home and then I showed it to my homeschooling coop middle school geography class. It was very well received! Keep them coming! I am writing a quick review on my blog.

BONIFACE said...

Great! Will you please send me a link to the review?