Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mark Shea on Boniface

Well, we can now add Mark Shea to list of well-known individuals (okay, really only Scott Hahn, Dave Armstrong and Robert Sungenis) who have somehow come across my blog and chosen to respond to something on it. Mark must have been intrigued by my most recent post on the vocation of Catholic bloggers because he did a nice post on it over at his blog (here) with what I think are some laudatory comments. The one thing that is interesting about Shea's post is his comment that I take blogging "a lot more seriously" than he does, as evidenced by my thinking that bloggers needed a manifesto. Well, I realize the paradox of publishing a manifesto, which is usually a serious matter, on a blog, which is the least reputable of all mediums. Am I a "serious" blogger? Upon reflection, I can say that though I do not take my blogging activities or my blog too seriously, I do, as a historian, take blogging as a larger societal phenomenon very seriously and think that we have not yet really comprehended how blogging has altered the communications landscape or what role it will play in how we get information in the long run.

Anyhow, thanks for the link and the comments, Mark!

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Mark P. Shea said...

My pleasure! Good work!