Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Join Us in Italy this Summer

Dear readers,

Please allow me to introduce you to a superb opportunity this coming Summer. Yours truly, together with a couple of colleagues, has launched an annual scholastic theology program in the middle of beautiful Italy. This year's program is entitled "Encountering Christ in the Gospels." You can browse the official website for all the details, but let me give you the essentials here:

  • Studying the four Gospels, the heart of all theology, by reading them in their entirety together with the commentaries of the great masters of the Catholic tradition: St. Augustine, St. John Chrysostom, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Bonaventure, St. Thomas Aquinas. We will also look at a few chapters from Papa Ratzinger's Jesus of Nazareth books.
  • The program culminates with an authentic scholastic disputation, complete with objections, sed contras, replies, and the definitive respondeo of the 'Master'.
  • Daily Mass and divine office (all in the traditional form!) with the Benedictine Monks of Norcia.
  • Location in Norcia, the birthplace of Ss. Benedict and Scholastica.
  • Day trips to Assisi and Cascia, and a weekend in Rome for the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul.
  • June 23 - July 7, 2012.
  • Only 675 euro for tuition, room, and board. At the moment that is about $879.


Andrew M. Greenwell said...

Your link does not work!

HPA said...

I'm actually quite interested in this program. However, would someone with a degree on Economics, like me, (and not in Theology of Philosophy) be accepted?

In what tongue will the program develop?

Anselm said...

Thank you, the links are all fixed - I think.

HPA: Degrees in theology are not required; please do apply if you are interested in the program. The languages we employ are English in the academic hall, Latin in church and chapel, and broken Italian on our excursions to Rome, Assisi, etc.