Thursday, January 09, 2014

Welcoming Two New Contributors

As we begin this new year, I want to formally welcome two new contributors to this blog and website.

Our first new contributor is Maximus. Maximus has been guest blogging around at many different sites - you may have read a guest post of his now and then on Rorate Caeli (where, like Aslan on earth, he is known by another name) or Corpus Christi Watershed, and many of his posts have been syndicated on New Advent or He is happy to have found a more permanent home here at Unam Sanctam Catholicam. He will contributing to this blog as well as the website.

Maximus' interests include St. Thomas and  the work of Fr. Reginald Garrigou-LaGrange. From a liturgical perspective, Maximus brings an experience as an MC for the usus antiquior, and so is very knowledgeable about liturgical studies and liturgical theology.

Maximus resides in Austria with his wife and two kids. He is finishing up his pontifical masters degree in theology, before continuing with the licentiate. He enjoys hunting and brewing beer in his free time.

Our second contributor may be new to you but is very familiar to me. Noah Moerbeek is the founder and webmaster of the great site Alleluia Audio Books and an administrator of the Facebook page "1,000,000 Strong for the Traditional Latin Mass" (like the page here). Noah's work is part of his apostolate with the Christi Pauperum Militum Ordo (Poor Knights of Christ), of which he is a member and an admirable representative. Noah has already been part of the USC team for two years, working on the back end. It was Noah who did the leg work getting the USC site up and running and got a lot of the glitches ironed out. A lot of the articles I publish here have their origins in phone conversations I have with Noah. His wife has also contributed articles on the site (here and here). Noah will be posting on the blog occasionally as part of a closer collaboration between USC and Alleluia Audio Books. Noah and his wife currently reside in California where they recently welcomed their fourth child.

We are happy to have Noah and Maximus on board as we move into the seventh year of this weblog.

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