Friday, October 03, 2014

God Wants You

Recently our friend New Catholic over at Rorate Caeli reflected on the phrase: “God doesn’t need us”  and offered his thoughts on the statement, along with an excerpt from the Dialogues of St Catherine.

I thought that if someone quipped to me “God does not need you” I would be so inclined to say back “But God wanted me and still wants me now”. It almost feels arrogant to say that God in his glory wants me; however, it is true. Go back in time, a short while and I did not exist and neither did you.  God did not need to create us, yet He did. He not only created us, but the Eternal Wisdom assures us that He numbers every hair on our head.  With every hair numbered, we can say with surety that God has also chosen for us the particular situations that we are born into. God decided what time and place we would be created.

He has done this for everyone made in His image. With the world being the valley of tears that it is and besieged by all manners of evil, it is sometimes tempting, in the imaginations of our heart, to desire power (whether natural or supernatural) in order to route evil and become God’s champions.  We forget that God’s plan for us is to be His champion, and to strive manfully wherever we are in the situation that He has chosen for us.

He wills us to be His champions!  While recording the Shower of Roses: Miracles of St Therese, I was impressed with the accounts of normal people and religious, using the gift of faith that God gave them, yielded supernatural power to stop fires, cure cancer, change the weather, and convert the most hardened sinners.  And why not?  If God has put us in difficulties in our duties, or even just our struggle to survive, He will most certainly move mountains if we ask Him to.  God told us to do something, He will make sure we can do it.  God will not limit His generosity to just what we need, but even with what we ask for in His loving kindness like when God did not shun the prayers of a family to save their pony that was sick. Shower of Roses Miracles of St Therese

On this feast day of St Therese of the Child Jesus for the 1962 calendar, we can remember that St Therese struggled bravely to be allowed to enter Carmel at the early age of 15; that it was in the course of her humble duties and devout prayer that she became intimate with Jesus Christ.  I wanted to mention that she struggled to enter Carmel, so that no one gets the wrong impression that one should just be resigned to whatever station they are in and not pursue the graces that God provides to move higher.  Little Therese now spends eternity yielding a great power and influence with God that can cure the blind and convert sinners around the world if we ask her for help. 

God wants us to give Him glory.  To do His holy will and to keep His commandments.  Let us give testimony of our love by serving Him and struggling manfully to do the things that God wants us to do! 

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