Sunday, June 28, 2015

My One Post on the Supreme Court Decision

A message to my friends in social media.

Up to now I have remained silent on the recent Supreme Court ruling because, well, let’s face it - if you know me then you know my thoughts on the matter. I’m not surprised at the ruling by any means; rather, it simply demonstrates that it is no longer truth, but rather, sentimentality detached from reason that has become the basis of determination in implementing our nation’s founding documents. The Court has demonstrated a great amount hubris to change the fundamental nature of an institution which predates all of the foundations of Western society, and which we have received from those who came before us. Since a law that is against the natural law is no law at all, I refuse to acknowledge the validity of such a determination and wish to express that the Court has lost my respect as a result of the manner in which they so negligently discharged the functions of their office.

Regarding our discourse in the public forum of the Internet, I have observed on the social media too many posts with the hashtag “#lovewins” - but what does this even mean in the light of the Court decision? The effect of the decision by the Courts is that there is no longer any real foundation for what married love “means” in the public sphere. The only thing that has been demonstrated is that “love,” meaning “married love,” can just as easily change definitions in another few years’ time, and so it would seem that no-one has won: we have all lost something good in our society.

Perhaps what is most shocking to me is the number of my Catholic friends who, in defiance of Church teaching, have formally supported the efforts to get to where we are today. They are not merely people in the pews, but include priests, youth group leaders and religious education coordinators, young people actively engaged in social outreach on behalf of the Church. This is scandalous. Those Catholics, insofar as they believe and show support for such a fundamental issue that is contrary to Church teaching, should discern whether or not they, in fact, are Catholic any longer. If you are one of those Catholics, I follow the guidelines of our Bishops in urging you to refrain from receiving Holy Communion until you have been reconciled to the Church for such gravely sinful matter. I will pray for you, that you might come to accept the truth, goodness, and beauty of the words of Christ and the authentic teaching of his Church on this matter.

For you who are faithful children of the Church, I call upon us all to pray and do penance in reparation for our brethren, for the conversion of sinners, and for the liberty and exaltation of our Holy Mother, the Church.

May God have mercy on our nation, and upon all of those people who have participated in this gravely sinful act, or who will be encouraged to participate in other sinful acts as a result of the events of this week.


Josemaria Paulo Jeromino Martin Carvalho-Von Verster said...

The root of the matter is that countries today do not acknowledge by law,the supremacy of Christ and His Church.

Clear Waters said...

The story of America's descent into satanism tells us one thing: "any nation not explicitly Christian, will eventually become anti-Christian."

Secularism was the poison seed right from the beginning. Catholics should have continued to reject it long past De Maistre's prophetic works. It turns out he was right about everything.

Boniface said...

Yes, Josemaria, that is a problem. But acknowledging Christ by law alone is not enough. That did not save Ireland.

Josemaria Paulo Jeromino Martin Carvalho-Von Verster said...

Indeed. We(not just Americans) need a stronger and more authoritharian constituion(Like Franco,Salazar and Dollfus). The late Fr. Denis Fahey himself castigated de Valera for not explicitly declaring Catholicism to be the Official Religion of Ireland,only a so-called "Special Recognition". It would be a bonus Boniface,if a hypothetical catholic constituion mentioned(if already done) in its preamble the National Consecration to the Social Reign of the Sacred and Immaculate Haerts. I may be wrong of course.