Friday, October 06, 2017

Massimo Faggioli's the problem. This line of reasoning suggests that some theological views once were Catholic, but are no longer so. That's blatantly erroneous. Obviously, if a theological view was ever "Catholic", then it remains so today and forever. This is not a complex idea...its like, basic ecclesiology. "What is believed everywhere, always, by all," to quote the famous formula of St. Vincent of Lerins.

It's ridiculous that this individual should have ascended so far in the Catholic world and attained so much exposure while holding such a stupidly errant view of Catholic theology. But, such are the times we live in.


TLM said...

This statement is absolute proof that the modernist's 'theology' is about the 'evolution' of God over time. To a modernist God DOES INDEED change over time. What Jesus said 2,000 years ago when he walked among us is NOT what He would say NOW in 2017. They focus on 'following the spirit' WITHOUT REASON, but the 'spirit' they follow is anything but HOLY. The 'faith' that these people are professing is NOT the Catholic faith,it's a faith conjured up by their own narcissistic humanism. MAN is their only true god, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is THEIR gospel, not HIS.

FSL said...

In his defense one might interpret him to mean views that are not *permitted* anymore due to further definition of the Deposit of Faith. Whereas John Chrysostolm may be forgiven if he was a subordinationist, we cannot, having the benefit of the Athanasian Creed. However even if we were to be so charitable, exactly when and what have been defined infallibly? That isn't exactly this Pope's *Modus Operandi*.

Catholic Mission said...

There is a new option open for Catholics on the feast day of Our Lady of Victories.

Now it is possible for individual SSPX priests to go to the Vatican or the local bishop and tell them that they affirm Vatican Council II(without the premise).Religious from other communities and lay people can do the same.1

OCTOBER 7, 2017

SSPX canonical recognition is assured : Vatican Council II (premise-free) is no more an issue

Paul said...

"But you've never asked me what my paper is
about! I'm taking the text about growing up to the measure of the
stature of Christ and working out an idea which I feel sure you'll be
interested in. I'm going to point out how people always forget that
Jesus (here the Ghost bowed) was a comparatively young man when he
died. He would have outgrown some of his earlier views, you know, if
he'd lived. As he might have done, with a little more tact and
patience. I am going to ask my audience to consider what his mature
views would have been. A profoundly interesting question. What a
different Christianity we might have had if only the Founder had
reached his full stature! I shall end up by pointing out how this
deepens the significance of the Crucifixion. One feels for the first
time what a disaster it was: what a tragic waste... so much promise cut
- The "Episcopal Ghost", The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis

c matt said...

He teaches at Villanova - Jesuit, isn't it? That would explain his career trajectory.

donnie said...

c matt,

Actually, no. Villanova is an Augustinian school.