Monday, February 05, 2024

February Hiatus

Hey friends! I'm probably going to be taking a blogging hiatus for February. Don't worry, I am fine, not burned out or nothing like that (if anything, I've got more writing ideas swirling in my head than ever before). I have some professional matters I need to clear off my plate and some writing commitments for other platforms I need to attend to, so I'll be busy with that for awhile. 

Take it easy, folks. Catch up with you mid-Lent.


Br. David Anthony said...

Dear Boniface:

Pax! You're on hiatus, but I decided to write you now anyway and just wait for your reply. I know you don't believe in the Garabandal apparitions. I have had serious doubts myself. However, Padre Pio was a big supporter and promoter of the apparitions and that is the only reason I'm holding on to the possibility that it may be true. What are your thoughts?

God bless,
Br. David Anthony

Boniface said...

Hi Br. Anthony!

Thanks for the message, I will tackle this when I get some more time, just check back in periodically.


Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents: the postures of the children and there expressions were odd, and they spoke about a night of screams, which is really off putting, and 3rd one of them married. So, I am highly sceptical.