Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Holly and the Ivy

It has become my custom each year during Advent to do a posting on Christmas music; I am happy this year that I am finally able to share one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time, The Holly and the Ivy. I'm sure all of you are familiar with this tune, but I am not referring to the popular version of the song as heard here. There is another version of the song, one that is much more festive and upbeat, and much rarer. I have only heard this version in one place - on an English Christmas CD that I picked up nearly ten years ago. It was sung by the Norwich Cathedral Choir, though there was no mention on the CD of who had written the arrangement.

I searched for years to find a YouTube version of this song so I could share it with you. After almost four years, I finally decided to make a video on my own - so, I went through my old CD pile, dug up the disc, ripped the song and stayed up till midnight last night putting some pictures to it. So, enjoy this rare version of The Holly and the Ivy. If anybody knows the composer or who arranged this, please let me know:

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El said...

Commenting on an old old post!
I once sang a third version of this wonderful song that was taught to our choir by a past cambridge student.
It was even more upbeat and more of a "ditty". Quite possibly it was even a canon.
It had little dance moves like the running of the deer etc.
Haven't been able to find a version of it anywhere though!

Megan32 said...

Another reply on an old video but it might help someone one day! This was EXACTLY the version I wanted and it has taken me HOURS to find. Enjoy :)