Sunday, November 25, 2012

USC Videos: The Social Kingship of Christ in the United States


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Boniface. Excellent. Kudos.

Now, try and tell an AmBishop such things :) They are completely beholden to, and work diligently to promote, Indifferentism via Religious Liberty; that is, they work on behalf of an ideology (created by judaised protestants) that holds that the pellucid Doctrines of Our Lord and Saviour are held to be on the same level as the Doctrines of, say, joseph Smith.

What suicidal madness

Nick said...

While I have never heard of the Treaty of Tripoli until now, after looking it up on Wiki it seems this document is not as special/significant as might first come across. While it is significant that it was unanimously ratified, this seems to be the only document saying anything along these lines. So while it is worth mentioning, I don't think it holds too much weight. It seems that language was used merely to dodge the "Crusaders" charge the Pirates would likely have held, just like references to God are tossed about by politicians today without any true conviction behind them. And those scholars who say America was not founded on Christian principles look elsewhere for evidence as well. The fact God isn't mentioned in the Constitution is far more weighty.

Boniface said...


I agree that the secular foundation of the US could not be established from this document alone - although it is interesting that it was ratified unanimously by the Senate and signed by the President without protest. I cite this treaty by means of example, not to prove a point, but exemplify one which has already been amply proven: that there was no "Christian founding" of the United States.