Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Fall Articles on Unam Sanctam Catholicam

It has been awhile since I posted any website updates, but there have actually been quite a few great articles that have gone up in the past two months. If you missed any of this, please take a moment to review. Some of these, like the articles on Kulturkampf and Mariology, I worked on for weeks. Bless you for your continued patronage of this site.

The Lie of Integralism: The distinction between liberal progressivism and reactionary integralism is a false dichotomy created by neo-Modernists.

Building a Catholic Youth Group: Are you a new Youth Director looking to put together a Catholic Youth Group that is truly Catholic? This article will help.

The Belshazzar Problem: A cuneiform cylinder proves the existence of one of the Old Testament's most elusive characters - King Belshazzar.

Introduction to the Nephilim: Who were the mysterious Nephilim, mentioned throughout the Old Testament in connection with the fallen angels and sometimes referred to as giants?

Fundamentals of Mariology
: Very thorough but basic introduction to the fundamentals of Catholic Mariology.

Propriety of Eucharistic Devotions: Early Protestant objections to Eucharistic devotions were based on the novel doctrine that the Eucharist had one and only one acceptable "use."

Understanding the Kulturkampf: History of the struggle between the Catholic Church and the Prussian government during the 1880s and 90s.

Is Halloween Pagan? Definitive proof that Halloween was not based on the pagan feast of Samhain.

Comparing the New and Traditional Lectionaries: The arguments that the New Lectionary is superior to the old are actually based on faulty assumptions.

Deus ex Machina or Fons Entis?|Examining the atheist critique that religion fulfills the role of a deus ex machina, and that once all physical phenomenon are explained by science, there will no longer be a need for religion.

Can people sit on baptismal fonts? Liturgical quod libet examining why we can't just sit anywhere we please in the sanctuary.

Movie Reviews

Pius XII: Under the Roman Sky: So-so movie about Pius XII and the Jews that is really not about Pius XII.
The World's End: Latest apocalyptic comedy from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Athwulf of Thorney (Sancti Obscuri)


Anonymous said...

The article on integralism is brilliant.

Thankless Wretch said...

Get on with the next one on the nephilim, will you!

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Brother Boniface. GREAT post on Integralism.

Damn smashing...

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you were a youth minister or for how long, but I don't think you have an accurate picture of youth ministry.

NCYC is a great event. I have taken several groups. My last group experienced many things that helped form their catholic identity: rosary, Adoration, Latin hymns, and much more.

Youth ministers are fighting a losing battle; only 5% of registered parishioners go to mass and are faithful to the teachings of the church. Youth ministry is NOT an answer to getting more people to mass. It's a ministry to young people that need help in their faith journey.

People talk about the parents being the primary catechists, but half the time teens don't even talk to their parents or see them. It is rare to get more that one or two parents to help out with ministry unless you're in a large parish.

If you have a youth minister in the parish the best thing you can do is HELP! I can't tell you how many times I've been approached by "traditionalists" saying they wish we did this or that traditional thing and I say great: "CAN YOU HELP"...nothing! Great are the times when people have ideas and they are willing to help. Help your Catholic ministers out.

Oh yeah, if you're seeing a youth minister that is lacking education in the faith...once again...HELP! Give them a book or show them where they are wrong.

Not That Guy said...

Regarding the idea of integralism, is it correct to say that present teachings interpret past teachings of the Church? Would the most recent encyclical on a given topic be the interpretive 'key' through which to understand prior ones, say, on the same topic?

Boniface said...

Actually, it is the other way around-

Present teaching is interpreted in light of past teaching, not vice versa.

Present teaching can offer clarifications or shed light on certain issues of past teaching, but it is always present teaching that needs to be reconciled to the past, not the other way around - this is because of the fundamental nature of tradition as something that is handed on from the past, ultimately from the Apostles.