Thursday, March 27, 2014

Looking for Great Blogs to Link Up

I suppose it is about that time to update the blog roll, since I have not substantially modified it since June of 2007. A lot has changed on the blogsophere since then, and I think it's time I included some new additions. Do you have a Catholic blog you would like featured on this site's blog roll? If your blog is:
  • Centered on history, theology, spirituality, social teaching or current events from a traditional Catholic perspective,

  • Well written, well thought out, and not displeasing aesthetically,

  • Updated at least twice per month,

  • And you are willing to link this blog or website on your own blog roll.

Then please post your name and a link to your blog in the combox for this post (I will not make it public), as well as an email where I can follow up with you. I will check it out and link it up if it passes muster.

In case you despise the power of cross-linking, it was just such a link that put this blog on the map. Back in 2007, this blog was only getting like 20 hits per week; then Ryan Grant from Athanasius Contra Mundum linked it up on his site and I think the traffic tripled in less than a month (this is the post that caught Ryan's attention). Then a link to this story on NCYC from Fr. Zuhlsdorf in 2007 probably quadrupled the readership again. Then, sometime in 2008, Rorate Caeli put this blog on their blog roll and that really did the trick. Since I first started tracking analytics in January 2011, Rorate Caeli's link on their blog roll has sent 11,354 users to this site and is responsible for 29.7% of all my referrals, for which I am very grateful. Thus every great leap in this blog's readership has been associated with being linked up on the blog roll of some other site. Today, the Unam Sanctam blog and site are viewed an average 24,450 times per month. Deo gratias.

Since this blog was helped in its infancy by generous folks like Ryan Grant, Fr. Z and the guys at Rorate linking it up, I'd like to return the favor to any other excellent Catholic blogs out there.

Similarly, if you are already on my blog roll, I will be going through this week and deleting any blogs that have not been updated in the past six months.

I should mention, no Sedevacantist sites please.

Blessings and grace.

Founder, Webmaster USC


Forward Boldly said...

You might consider this:

K said...

I think most people simply start with Rorate Ceali to get the hard updates, and then they use their blogroll to move on to the other blogs they usually read. That's what I do a lot.

Anonymous said...


I'd start a blog if I thought that I could get a link from you, and, if I thought I could do it justice.

It is nice to get blogs about the bible and the faith, rather than blogs about what an ass cardinal (bishop, priest, or even pope) so an so is.

Keep up the good work.

I nominate by Fr. Peter Carota.

Check him out.


Anonymous said...

new Blog

Ron Zell