Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Obedience of Athanasius & Fall Articles

I apologize for the infrequency of my posts as of late; we spent the summer showing our house and then moved in September and are still getting settled in, so things are chaotic. But I did want to draw your attention to some articles published on the sister site over the past several months. 

Many of you mentioned interest in an article on the life of St. Athanasius. I would like to direct you to this article, "The Obedience of St. Athanasius." While I do not offer comparisons or commentary on any contemporary persons or groups, I attempt to demonstrate in this article that St. Athanasius was never disobedient to any legitimate ecclesiastical authority, never defied or "ignored" the pope, and is hardly a model to be appealed to for 'justified disobedience.' It is long, but I think worth the read if you have ever invoked Athanasius in this sort of context. I also have a PDF version of the article.

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Here are some recent articles from the website, going back to mid-summer:

Philippine Bishop: "Stop Homily Abuse!": An important Filipino primate admonishes against long, tendentious, boring homilies. 
Innocent III: Ten Reasons Why a Man Should Not Get Married: Greatest medieval pope attempts to discourage men from marriage. Hilarity ensures.
Why is Masturbation a Sin? Why masturbation is in fact sinful as well as some practical tips on overcoming this vice.
Canonizations: Old vs. New Comparison: Featuring a chart with a side-by-side comparison of the procedures of pre-Vatican II canonizations to today.
Life in Medieval Cluny: The influence, plan, and organization of the influential medieval French abbey of Cluny.
Balthasar and the Faith of Christ: Balthasar asserts that Jesus experienced faith, ignorance, and even positive error. This man is not a model of orthodoxy.
Anselm Contra Greeks: St. Anselm answers Greek accusations about the Filioque; from de processione Spiritus Sancti
Slick's Not-So-Slick Questions for Catholics: Our apologist Wes Hunt refutes Protestant pastor Matt Slick's inane "Questions for Catholics."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Boniface. I was one of the users of "Athanasius false argument", until your article.

Fr. Castellani also obeyed the injust sanctions of the hierarchy.


Anonymous said...

"Unjust". Interesting also because I heard a lot of people of certain fraternity using Athanasius as a justification.


Nothing against them. And them too had an invalid -if not null- excomnunication. And an apeal no treated. And lifted without further explanation.

Ben said...

Fyi, the Athanasius article has quite a few typos. Interesting though, thanks.