Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Bayside Compendium

For the better part of three years now I have been promising a very large expose of the ridiculous Bayside apparitions and their absurd messages.

I honestly almost gave up on this project because it involved reading every single locution from Bayside, which proved to be the biggest waste of my time ever and unbelievably tedious. But, I finally finished and have it linked up below:


Bayside is probably one of the dumbest apparitions in existence and I don't plan to devoting much more time to it (although I think I may have one more article). And the tragic thing is people who are sold on goofy private apparitions really cannot be shaken in their convictions, so I doubt this massive article (so big it needed a Table of Contents) will change anybody's mind; if it only serves to show others how wacky and unworthy of credibility this apparition really is, my purpose will be served.


Ball of Timesink said...

Som nights I watch other people play computer games in Web videos. That's a ridicilous waste of time, and yet, what you have done is worse, Boniunfun.

Unknown said...

Read through the whole thing! Thanks for it :-)

Just wondering why you say Putin's "extremely more dangerous and sinister" than Yeltsin?


Boniface said...

Because Yeltsin was a drunken joke who barely had control over his own government; certainly he never wielded the kind of power Putin has.

Anonymous said...

From the main article: "Many times, the grammar of Jesus and Mary is just horrible."

From the introductory remarks: "Bayside is probably one of the dumbest apparitions in existence and I don't plan to devoting..."

"Plan to devoting"?

From the article: "Some messages were short, others very, very long and rambling. They begin in 1968 and go up to June, 1994, when Veronica died."

From an online entry:

Veronica Lueken

Born: July 12, 1923
Died: August 3, 1995


bill said...

Good job! That was definitely irrefutable. Now I'm keeping my eyes opened for the next one your going to do on Medjugorje : )

All kidding aside though, an article on Medjugorje would be very helpful as it has probably conservatively tens of thousands more adherents than Bayside does. In my area I'd even go so far as to say that 85% of practicing Catholics believe in it as if it was Gospel even though it's been condemned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which I'm hoping the Pope will finally sign off on soon.

No flinching story about how Mary almost dropped the poor little Baby Jesus is going to sway them. They need a compendium as well!!!

Boniface said...

I'm not claiming to speak on Gods behalf.

_ said...

He has extensive information on Medjugorje that exposes it in a similar way.

bill said...

Yeah, but I'm talking about a COMPENDIUM!!! I want an encyclopedia on the subject! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Bayside has many predictions that are now looking highly this space

Boniface said...

^ LOL. Like what? Russian Communists with submachine guns mowing people down on the streets of New York in preparation for the striking of the "Ball of Redemption"?

These predictions are all retarded.

Anonymous said...

You clearly have no balance on this subject and it is badly effecting your judgement.

Bayside stated that terrorism would come to the USA when people scoffed at the idea. When America power was at its height. It was almost unthinkable to many at the time of the prediction.

Bayside predicted a brutal race war and now with black lives matter and the new panthers, not to mention all the race baiting, it is looking quite likely in the next few years.

Bayside predicted a total and complete financial collapse, where the dollars printed may as well be as newspapers. Anyone that knows about these things knows we a very close to such a collapse. It is just a matter of time now. America is bankrupt and will print more dollars to try to save itself. But it will not help.

Bayside predicted the homosexual sex abuse scandal with messages castigating the hierarchy for their inaction or corruption. This was long before it was common knowledge and the rise of the internet to expose much of what goes on.

Bayside also predicted that Syria would hold the key to peace or the start of the third world war. You would have to be blind not to see the writing on that particular wall.

The fact is, if you take Bayside as a whole, and stop trolling and nitpicking particular messages it presents a stunningly accurate picture of what our world has devolved into.
I could go on and detail many other amazingly accurate statements, far beyond the capabilities of a rather simple but faithful Catholic housewife living in Queens.

Time will tell. I am happy for the warning and the opportunity to better prepare for what might be coming.

Boniface said...

You have to look at the particulars.

Yes, Bayside predicted terrorism in New York - but it predicted it would be done by Russian Communists shooting people with submachine guns.

Bayside predicted Syria would break out in war, but it predicted this wold happen in 1983.

The particulars matter.

Boniface said...

"Wars are a punishment for man's sins. Syria holds the key to peace at this time. However, I place in front of you, My children, a graphic picture for you to understand. It will be a parable for some, and some will turn away not willing to hear what Heaven has to say in these desperate times." -Our Lady, May 28th, 1983.

Syria is said to hold the key to peace, but "at this time" and "in these desperate times." These words were spoken in 1983. If Mary's statement in 1983 that Syria holds the key to peace or World War "at this time" was actually meant to refer to events twenty-nine years later, that would be quite a stretch.

"Russia, My children, is not entering where you can see them. They are infiltrating now into every side of your nation: north, south, east, and west - on the outer fringes and the inner fringes." (May 17, 1986)

Veronica - "I see a road. It looks like a normal country road, but it leads to a city, a great city. I would say from the buildings that the city looks like New York. But I see there are very sinister - looking characters walking down the road nonchalantly but carrying bags. Within those bags there are submachine guns."

- "Yes, My child! I see murder ahead now, My child, in your city of New York. Many shall be mowed down. It is an attack by a communist nation. No, My child, you do not need to know at this time the name of this nation, for it will soon be known when the captors are picked up. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will hear of this, My child, and they will try to stop them. These interlopers upon the serenity of the United States have dark skins. They are not from this nation, but they come from a presently warring nation. It is their object to destroy all and cause chaos in the city of New York. With their plans there will be bombs placed in strategic places and many shall die at the hands of these ruffians." (Oct 1, 1988)

Now, one might say that this has been fulfilled in the September 11th attacks or the 1993 World Trade Center attacks, which involved bombs and attackers with "dark skins." But our Lord specifically says that these attackers come from "a Communist nation" and that "submachine guns' are involved. This is just absurd. I don't know what else to say.

Veronica also said the Ball of Redemption would come before 2000.

This is all nonsense. Its not even worthy of respect. Its extremely stupid. Please do not give it any credence.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why you have not published my comment. I merely stated that you made a mistake, and that Russia was not named.

It is a bit difficult to talk about this is you will not let me speak freely.

Anonymous said...

OK, so you have published my latest comment. Thank you. I will continue our dialogue then.

I was simply saying that without understanding and context, Bayside will mystify you.

The real message from Bayside is to pray the Rosary daily, go to Mass daily if you can. Read the bible for at least 15 minutes a day. Make sacrifices for the clergy and hierarchy because they are so rotten (something we didn't know at the time).

I don't understand your hostility and anger towards Bayside. Is it just because it offends you on an intellectual level? Its too messy?

Boniface said...

When we look at a particular private revelation, we are not just looking at whether the message is good or bad, but whether they are true or false. And this is bound up with whether they are from God or not - if they are form God (which they claim to be), they cannot contain any error; not even one, single, solitary error.

To me, it is irrelevant if it says all these generic good things (pray the Rosary, etc), when it also says a ton of nonsense (Paul VI was killed and replaced by an impostor, Ball of Redemption), not to mention many theological errors.

I have no inherent hostility towards it other than the hostility I have towards any alleged revelation which is so manifestly not from God as to be absurd. We don't need Bayside to hear about penance and praying the Rosary. The manifest falsehoods and absurdities make it so unworthy of credibility. It's not from God, just like Medjugorje is not. The content matters. The details matter.

My interest in it stems from the fact that when I first read these messages I was so blown away by their stupidity that I found it incredible any Catholic believed them.

Anonymous said...

And a 'failed' prediction in your eyes is error i presume?

Boniface said...

Well, that too, but no, just the rife theological error. Errors about the Trinity. About cosmology. About Original Sin. About the body-soul relationship. Sketchy angelology. She teaches the Protestant version of the Rapture. There are literally SO MANY things wrong with this apparition its unbelieveble.

Anonymous said...

Also forgive me, but i have to correct another error you have made.
Bayside does not say PaulVI was killed and replaced by an imposter.Not quite at least. Rather he was subdued and an imposter carried out some of his public duties.

Now on the face of it it sounds fantastical dig a little deeper and find a his family said the same thing! That an investigator was dispatched to Rome from the Pinkerton investigative agency and he unearthed an incredible story along with hard evidence. He was not sent by Baysiders but rather concerned Catholics at the time who could not understand the contradictions of the Pope PaulVI papacy.

There is so much you dont know.

Anonymous said...

Can you quote me a theological error about the trinity please?

Also the rapture idea is straight from scripture. Don't know why you make it a protestant idea. There are many protestant ideas about it though and and they sure talk about it a lot of that is what you mean.

Boniface said...

The notion that the man everybody thought was Paul VI was in fact an impostor is absurd. This isn't even worth arguing about. This whole apparition is sooo dumb.

I mean no disrespect to you, but if you want to continue giving credence to a woman who says God makes her gag herself on dog biscuits for taking off her scapular on accident, go ahead. I'm done with this nonsense.

Boniface said...

I posted the link above.

Catholics do NOT believe in the Rapture in the Protestant sense. She seems to be asserting that at some point Jesus comes back, takes the faithful off the planet, and leaves the rest of the sinners behind on the earth. This is not Catholic teaching.

Anonymous said...

Well Bayside does not believe it in the typically protestant sense either. The Bible source of the idea is mentioned at Bayside.

"Two men will be working together in the field; one will be taken, the other left."

This is different from the 'typical' protestant source.

Bayside says many will be removed before the nuclear war and comet hits earth. It gives context and understanding to an otherwise mysterious biblical quote.

Anonymous said...

"The notion that the man everybody thought was Paul VI was in fact an impostor is absurd."

Im sorry but that is not what i said.

Also, im sorry again but God didn't put dog biscuits in the seers mouth. It was Satan that did this in an attempt to choke her to death. Any good exorcist will tell you demons can move object around like this. The seer was very embarrassed by this episode actually. The lesson to be learned was that sacramentals repel the demons and inhibit their negative intentions.

This is not absurd but rather, in the correct context merely common sense to keep your armour on you, as St Paul stated.

The particulars matter :-)

I have to go now. God bless.

bill said...


Anonymous said...

The prophecies Bayside is credited with that eventually came true were also being talked about and predicted by sociologists and professors in the late 70's/early 80's.
I.E. terrorism in the West,gay marriage,race war,financial collapse,etc...