Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More on NCYC

As many of you recall, my report on the National Catholic Youth Conference in November, 2007 created quite a stir on the Net and got this blog about 10,000 hits in a week. At that time, I tried desperately to find some video of this event (known as NCYC) to put up on the blog, but it was so soon after the fact that none was available. But, I knew that if I waited a few months, stuff would start to trickle out, and so it has.

Here is a video of several snippits of NCYC 2007 in Columbus, Ohio, brought to my attention by blogger Zach (thanks!); I will not make any comment on this because there is so much that could be said. Just watch and leave your comments in the comment box if you want.

Here are two videos of two different songs performed at NCYC, which emcee Steve Angrisano ignorantly described as being sung in the "African language," as if there were only one in Africa! The first was from day two, the second is "Nza mu ran za" which was a kind of theme song that was played every time the kids were supposed to pray.

Last but not least, here is a video of Fr. Tony Ricard of the New Orleans Diocese dancing:

Click here for the original post on NCYC from November, 2007


Anonymous said...

Re: the mixture of "African--boisterous--look at me" from the priest who dances would encourage me to:

In fright, take flight from the blight of the white wright.

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

So what, apart from dancing and clapping and singing and other theatrics, HAPPENS at this National Catholic Young Conference? Is there any genuine spiritual, biblical, liturgical, and traditional formation going on, or is it just a gigantic kumbaya-fest?

Boniface said...

Nothing happens apart from dancing and clapping. There was a Mass once, an optional time for kids to go to Confession, and a bunch of workshops where they taught us about Social Justice (Marxism) and Global Warming. Its just a kumbaya fest.

Zach said...

Again, Bonifice, I feel so sorry for you. Why in the world did you ever go to such a thing?

Anonymous said...


Mail a copy of this viceo through time back to the Fathers at Vatican II. History will be a little different as the Council's first act will be the public excommunication of Bugnini.



Hey I know bloger Zach! He's a great guy, we go to the same parish. In the next year he'll be going into the FSSP!

Kate said...

To be fair to the N.O. priest, that really is an authentic cultural expression hereabouts. Not that that will excuse the dancing for some, but in a place where Catholic churches have hosted 'jazz masses' (not as bad as it sounds) for half a century and where everyone, priests included, has been in the habit of dancing in the streets after both weddings and funerals for a century, this is not terribly untoward.

(providing the dancing was not actually during mass. it wasn't, right?)

Now to take a closer look and see if I recognize the guy...

Anonymous said...

Hey, NCYC had some excellent pizza.

Boniface said...


No, this was not during a Mass, but even if it is part of their tradition, my point is that kids paid $430to travel to Ohio for 3 days to grow in their faith, and they just got a bunch of dancing and hoopla.

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