Monday, March 30, 2009

The destruction of sin

Today was not a pleasant day. It has become known that somebody very close to our family has committed adultery. It just came to light last night and my family is still watching the fall out. It is really quite terrible - it amazes me to what degree this particular sin can ruin lives. So much is destroyed...and nothing that can be done. It is like a loss of innocence that can never be recovered. I cannot simply counsel these people, "Hey, do this and everything will get better." No. This is a grievous sin and a betrayal, and though it be repented of and forgiven by God, the temporal effects of it can only be suffered through. I felt oppressed and burdened just hearing about what it has done to this family...

This is nobody at my parish and nobody anybody else really knows...just some friends. Please, no emails asking who it is. Just pray for my family.


rkl said...

Sadly, I can empathize and agree that it is very difficult to name another sin that is comparable to this in the consequences and grievous effect it has on everyone around. I will certainly remember your family in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Boniface, the title of your post, "The destruction of sin" says it all. The selfishness of such an act cannot be measured. The infinite love God has for us all is illustrated by the forgiveness He bestows upon those who have committed terrible sins then seek his forgiveness through reconciliation and true contrition. I think about what Fr.G. says about the tiniest of sin creating a huge chasm and rent in the relationship between God and humanity. We need to pray every day for the sins of all. I will say a special prayer that you and your family may find peace and healing.

Mr S said...

I saw this comment on a similar topic. It was a post on the CAF.

There was a time when the laws backed up a strong societal attitude against all kinds of sexual immorality. There was a common belief as to what is right and what is wrong when it came to sexual relations, and even people who broke the rules accepted that they were doing wrong.

That attitude does not exist anymore. Laws can be effective teachers and guardians of accepted standards, but they are not effective at imposing behavior that is no longer widely believed in.

It is true that adultery is not a victimless crime. Its damage to the partner and the children, in financial, emotional and social terms is immense and as severely damaging to other people as are many other behaviors still deemed to be criminal.

But the societal belief that such behavior is inherently bad for society has been severely compromised. In a society where sexuality is valued for its recreational and emotional functions over its procreative and familial functions, the belief that would make adultery a crime is not sufficient where criminalizing it would have any effect.

Anonymous said...

On the blog, Father has a post on this type of situation.

A real story of how the sin of adultery completely destroyed one family.

The wife committed adultery, and the husband ended up in drugs, alcohol, and suicide as the result.

The wife followed into drugs and alcohol.

The children are not raised properly, and are delinquents.

It just goes on and on.

This realization has strictly converted me from libertarianism. As a Catholic, I can't accept the fact that one can do whatever one wants.