Thursday, June 18, 2009

Corpus Christi Procession

I just finished putting together the photo album from my parish's Corpus Christi procession...very beautiful. Have a look.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful Boniface, if only all parishes would have a Corpus Christi celebration (never mind actually celebrating it ON Corpus Christi instead of the next Sunday)

Kris R said...

Thank you, Boniface: I enjoy your thoughtful, informative postings and your photos. It's especially nice to see Father G. I have some Bible studies here in Lansing and many of my people speak of his example of devotion and hard work. They still miss him. My favorite photo is one of him jumping on a trampoline with several children around him. I think that was a good-bye party for him. He is well-loved and a good example for this coming Year of the Priest.