Monday, January 11, 2010

Ugandan Schism

Has anyone heard about this yet? I only picked up a blurb about it on Zenit, which didn't have very many details - but here is the article in its entirety:

Ugandan Group Forms Breakaway Church

KAMPALA, Uganda, JAN. 8, 2010 ( The 20 so-called Catholic priests in Uganda who formed a new church where celibacy is not required are no threat to the Catholic Church, says the retired archbishop of Kampala.
Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala described the so-called Catholic Apostolic National Church as a group of "false prophets," the Associated Press reported last week.

Leonard Lubega, who calls himself a priest even though it is unclear whether or not he was ever ordained, founded the Catholic Apostolic National Church last month.

It is an offshoot of the Catholic Apostolic National Church of Zambia, which was founded by former Zambian Catholic priest Luciano Anzanga Mbewe.

Mbewe, who was excommunicated in June, is expected to visit the new church in Uganda for its official launch, and to ordain priests.

Cardinal Wamala noted that he didn't know any of the "so-called priests" involved in founding the movement, and he urged the faithful not to "follow or listen to them because they intend to divide the Church."


Alex W. said...

The only thing I saw was an NCR blog post from John Allen Jr. He has more details than the Zenit article.

Just another mad Catholic said...

I don't know much about this particular group but the issue of priestly celibicy seems to be a big point with this group, I think that we should regocnize that discussion of the isue is not clerical celibicy is not going to go away especially as it looks as if more eastern Churches are moving towards full communion with Rome