Friday, January 29, 2010

Missionaries Urgently Needed in the Amazon!

The following video is very difficult to watch and I do not recommend viewing it if you consider yourself to be sensitive—I turned my stomach when I watched it and made another grown man that I know weep.

In the jungles of the Amazon, there is a very strong custom of burying children alive for various superstitious reasons. The practice goes on even now and has been covered up by the Brazilian government, as well as various Indian rights organizations, who are trying to stop outsiders from violating "native rights" by attempting to stop this barbaric practice.

The video clip below is from a documentary that shows a real tribe carrying out this ceremony—putting two children in a pit to be buried alive. I believe one escapes, but as far as I can tell the first child dies.

This is horrible and needs to be stopped—this is an example of why we need solid missionary preaching and repentance and conversion among these people, not a simple dialogue. This is a demonic, wicked thing these people are doing, and equally wicked are the "activists" who try to preserve the custom in favor of native's rights. It is appalling that there are those in the Catholic Church who think this region of the world and these people are living in some sort of unspoiled, pre-industrial Eden. These villains would defend Aztec human sacrifice if it were still around.

Missionaries, get down there! Preach Christ! The Evil One delights in the slaughter of innocents and has since the beginning...Preach Jesus and stop this abomination!

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bgeorge77 said...

How is the camera man just standing around!?