Friday, April 29, 2011

Off to New Jersey

I am off to New Jersey for the weekend to speak at this homeschool conference. The conference will be on Saturday at a place called Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, New Jersey. Berlin is right across the river from Philadelphia, so if you are in the Philly area or northern New Jersey, consider coming out to Mater Ecclesiae this Saturday. I'm giving a 45 minute talk on Catholic historiography and how to teach history to kids in a way that is interesting and memorable. I'll post the transcript of the talk and details about the conference when I get back on Monday.



Jeffrey Pinyan said...

I hope you enjoy your visit to my state. I'm about 45 miles north of Berlin, and I've been to Mass at M.E. a handful of times. I also met their pastor at a Fr. Z blognic in Philly.

I'm out and about this weekend myself, so please, treat New Jersey nicely, and leave it the same way you found it (or better).

Clare Mulligan said...

I was there for Mass that Saturday morning . . . and I missed you! (Silent scream.)

Boniface said...


Bummer...I wasn't there for Mass Saturday morning, though...I came in around 11:00am, stayed all day and went to Mass at St. Peter's up in...uh...don't know where...somewhere around up there.