Monday, April 11, 2011

Parishes in Sarasota area?

Next month my family and I are going down to Sarasota, Florida for a week and a half to stay with some family. Can anyone give me some recommendations of parishes to attend in the Sarasota-Bradenton area for Sunday and daily masses? The Extraordinary Form would be nice, but a reverent Novus Ordo would be fine as well. Last time we went to Sarasota we just went to the first Catholic Church we found in the phone book and wound up at some weird, roundish-shaped parish that was fairly progressive. Can anyone offer any input so this doesn't happen to us again?

Also acceptable would be a Uniate, Ukrainian, Maronite or Chaldean rite parish. I'm sure I could just Google these things, but just googling parishes and looking at their websites doesn't give you the kind of feedback that individuals can provide.

Blessings and grace!


Clifford Carvalho said...

Christ the King FSSP Parish

Nick said...

Matthew over at Catholic Champion blog lives in the area and knows what good TLM and Eastern Rites are available.

James Bellisario said...

Stop by and visit Christ the King in Sarasota, FL. We have an 8:30 and 10:30 Latin Mass on Sunday. We also have daily Mass at 9AM, and on Tues and Fri we have Mass at 6:30PM. I help out in the bookstore after the 8:30 Mass, stop by and say hello.

Anonymous said...

Our wonderful priest, Fr. Remski is now in Sarasota at Christ the King! He was here in Oklahoma. We miss him!