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Eucharistic "Miracle" at Medjugorje demonstrates disobedience

The following is account of an alleged "Eucharistic Miracle" at Medjurgorje. This story appeared in the May-June 1993 Caritas newsletter, the official organ of the Medjugorje group out of Birmingham, Alabama (the place where one of the seers obligingly had an apparition on some property owned by Terry Colafrancesco, who subsequently made a ton of money, but that's another story).

A certain Protestant woman a Caritas group from Birmingham on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje (Pilgrimages to Medjugorje have, of course, been forbidden by the Bishop, the lawful authority in the diocese, and so every organized pilgrimage there constitutes an act of disobedience to lawful authority). At any rate, when it came time for Mass, this Protestant lady was irritated that she could not receive Holy Communion. Since she was not in danger of death and had made no profession of belief in the Real Presence (the extraordinary conditions under which a non-Catholics is permitted to receive Holy Communion), there was absolutely no justification for her to receive Communion.

But, it would appear, Our Lady was more concerned at the displeasure of the Protestant than with adherence to the canon law of the Church, and so she arranged for the lady to receive Communion in circumstances which Mr. Colafrancesco describes as a "Eucharistic miracle." Here's what happened next, as reported in the Caritas newsletter:

"When distribution for Communion came, the first priest off the altar came toward the group leader. He and the others around him expected to be given the Eucharist, but instead the priest walked through the crowd which opened up. The leader, as well as the group, watched stunned as everyone was passed by while the priest walked directly to the spot where the woman was sitting in the pew. He held up the Eucharist for her to receive. The leader and the group and she herself stared in disbelief at what they were seeing. Though it was but a moment, it seemed the hesitation lasted for minutes. While she sat there and Jesus in the Eucharist was held up before her, she hesitated at first, not being sure, then willfully received Him. Everyone around her who was not weeping were fighting back their tears because all knew the priest could not have seen her until he was before her, much less known that she was not a Catholic. Only a few months later, the pilgrim who did not want to become a Catholic, received the Holy Eucharist a second time as a new Catholic."

Well, that's very touching that the woman became Catholic in the end. Too bad her journey to the Church began with a formal act of disobedience to the Church's law, which states plainly that it is the Magisterium, not a priest acting under the influence of some alleged apparition, that determines under what conditions sacraments may be received:
"Since the sacraments are the same for the whole Church and belong to the divine deposit, it is only for the supreme authority of the Church to approve or define the requirements for their validity; it is for the same or another competent authority according to the norm of canons 838 §§3 and 4 to decide what pertains to their licit celebration, administration, and reception and to the order to be observed in their celebration" (Can. 841).

And what has the competent authority stated in this matter? Canon 844 §1: "Catholic ministers administer the sacraments licitly to Catholic members of the Christian faithful alone, who likewise receive them licitly from Catholic ministers alone." The reception of Communion by this Protestant woman clearly violates these canons, as well as Canon 913§1 which requires "sufficient knowledge and careful preparation" before reception of Communion. I suppose "Our Lady" trumps Canon Law.

Can anybody really believe that a legitimate apparition of Our Lady would lead to activity like this? Priests distributing Holy Communion outside of canonical norms to non-Catholics? This is even more serious because it is being out forward as a "miracle", that is, as something willed and effected by the direct power of God; in other words, God and Our Lady willed for this priest to disobey the Church's guidelines by leading him to give Holy Communion to this non-Catholic.

Is this the good fruits I keep hearing about?

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spraffmeister said...

I was recently chatting to a lady about this who was talking about being there when one of the seers (I can't remember which one, though it was a male seer) happened to see the Blessed Virgin wherever he was in Scotland. The whole story smacked of dodginess and I wondered "why would the Virgin follow this guy wherever he goes and then appear to him when everyone is watching?"
My greatest fear is that those "fruit" of Medjugorje (those converted) have their faith built like a house on sand, rather than on the rock.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, thanks for posting! I have one question, though - what was the canonical situation in the case of Fatima seers when they received Our Lord from the Angel of Portugal? Were they regular communicatns by that time? I doubt it...

Vincenzo said...

"Anonymous said...
Very interesting, thanks for posting! I have one question, though - what was the canonical situation in the case of Fatima seers when they received Our Lord from the Angel of Portugal? Were they regular communicatns by that time? I doubt it..."

According to some articles I just found, Lucy had her first communion prior to receiving from
the Angel during the third visit. Jacinta and Francisco had not, but they had their first
confession after the second apparition, prior to this third visit.

The angel first also provided
them with prior instruction during the visits on the value of penance and sacrifice along with a prayer to the Most Holy Trinity: "Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly, and I offer you the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference with which He Himself is offended. And through the infinite merits of His most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of You the conversion of poor sinners. Amen."

Anonymous said...

This appears as an Open Message to Pope Benedict. It says that the Vatican was supposed to have released the 3rd Secret of Fatima 50 years.

Norma said...

How lucky i am. I have been there in 2007 like other who went I pray inside the church later in the sixth day ive got peace in my heart and it still until this time so thanks and I wish everyone to go there Cos its for specific time so benefit you beloved one .
It is true

Boniface said...

So...the formal act of disobedience doesn't bother you?

Then again, disobedience has characterized this since the beginning. Case in point:

john konnor said... say mary is appearing at this place is to make a judgement based on no ecclesial fact the church itself has made the statement that the supernaturality of the events at medjugorje cannot be ascertained with say that one is sure mary is appearing is to act from a spirit of pride and envy of authority...The sinning angels (or demons) are guilty of all sins in so far as they lead man to commit every kind of sin. But in the bad angels themselves there could be no tendency to fleshly sins, but only to such sins as can be committed by a purely spiritual being, and these sins are two only: pride and envy..and it is precisely these sins we see at medjugorje...and so through pride one makes themselves an authority through inordinate self assurance and in so doing through the sin of cain namely envy one causes the murder of the character of the chief authority at that place which is the bishop or local ordinary who is indeed in good standing with the the bishop's knowledge or charism for authority is envied by those who like cain have felt jilted since their good feelings about medjugorje have not been accepted as an offering to God..same with cain his offering was not esteemed as highly as abel's and so these proponents of medjugorje seek to murder the character of the bishop by saying he is biased or he has no love of God any good occuring at medjugorje is directly attributable to the presence of the sacraments in a great concentration....however under the surface we see the sins of pride and envy the two sins of the devil.....

Rescued By Mary said...

Medjugorje is a horny headed demon with hooves.

Medjugorje was hatched out of the bowels of hell – An adulterous marriage between charismaticism and mariolatry. It is a stench in the nostrils of a Holy God.

The roots of this phenomenon can be traced back to a grave yard where is buried a deacon; a disciple of Cornelius Jansen. What Jansen is most famous for is his treaties entitled “Augustinus” which he left for publication upon his death, after spending some twenty years of his life in its preparation. In it he readdresses the age old argument between Augustine and Pelagius in his attempt to dismantle the theology of the Jesuits and justify his rebellion against Rome in establishing the “old catholic church” in the Netherlands. His writings which have come to be known as Jansenism have been condemned as heretical by the Church.

It is the theological writings of Jansen that has gotten so much attention in many circles in the study of the history of the “old catholic church” and its origin. What has fallen between the cracks however, is the answer to the request of that deacon. Satan showed the reality of Jansen’s pact with the devil when he showed up at that deacon’s grave with some of the most bizarre manifestations to make their debut in Church history, (hopping up and down on a peg-leg) many of which bear a striking resemblance to what we have seen happen in the heretical protestant sects over the last fifty years, even creeping into the Holy Roman Catholic Church in the late 1960’s. The men who are responsible for this are creeps. They crept into the pulpit when nobody was looking, and have been spreading their false spirit throughout the Church like a cancer up to our present day – which brings us back to Medjugorje.

Now, the fornicating franciscans which are in rebellion to both their superiors in Rome as well as the Diocesan authorities in Mostar, where these sensational happening originated, have taken to concocting a false authority for themselves by going to none other than what is left of the “old catholic church” which is still there in the same geographical location, to get – you guessed it – a deacon!, masquerading as a Bishop to ordain priests for their new religion that they have desperately been trying to pawn off as Catholicism to the unsuspecting masses.

They have been successful in separating the people of God from their Bishops in the True Catholic Church by inundating them with what are supposed daily messages straight from Heaven via the ‘Mother of God’, thereby deceiving untold thousands through brainwashing techniques accomplished with the help of internet technology and old fashion gullibility. It’s been an amazing feat to observe. Truly the work of some of the best con men the world has ever seen. The used car salesmen’s old bait and switch pales in comparison to what we have been seeing take place right before our eyes.

The connection between Jansenism and Medjugorjeism is spiritual in nature. Basically, it’s the same demon. The little rat has been hovering around in that area just looking for his opportunity to strike; and he found it in the disobedience of the six minions of the fallen angel that have been perpetrating this fraud for over twenty five years.

When disobedience is not checked, it leads to rebellion. And this is exactly what happened in the former Yugoslavia when six young people refused to obey their Bishop. And when rebellion is not put down swiftly, it leads to mutiny! Now, somebody’s got to die in an attempt to restore order, regain control and prevent chaos. If this is unsuccessful then you’ve got witchcraft.

Rebellion is as the as the sin of witchcraft.

There is nothing more powerful in opening up a way to the demonic spirit world than rebellion; it’s more powerful that pharmaceuticals. And the devil has taken advantage of this to demonstrate his wares to his unsuspecting visitors. Nothing has ever happened at Medjugorje that the devil couldn’t do. So beware, my friend – Beware.


P.S. No one has ever seen “her” ears or “her” feet!

Anonymous said...

Good analysis my friend. The other replies here sound Phariseeic lol