Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Unam Sanctam Catholicam Website!

Today, the Feast of the Holy Angels, the new Unam Sanctam Catholicam website is up and running it can be viewed at the URL It has been a long time in the making - I first started working on the new site in August, 2011, so it has been a little over a year!

The long delay in getting the site ready was based on my simple conviction that most new websites fail because they launch before they have enough content. The new site does not yet have as much content as I would like, but with over 100 articles, a good many of them new, I think I feel comfortable launching it.

Currently, the site features a smattering of some of my better articles from this blog along with many great articles that have never been featured here. As time goes by, there will of course be more and more new articles and less reposts.

The new site will host articles that are of a more scholarly nature and that will have permanent value. The purpose of the new site is to promote a style of Catholic Traditionalism that is positive, rooted in the Church's history, and evangelical in its appeal while maintaining a level of scholarly professionalism that makes the case for tradition in a way that is intellectual and charitable without any malice. And I want it to be open to others as well. As I have said before, anyone who wants to contribute to the site may do so. It's kind of like a Wikipedia of traditional Catholicism.

There are pages dedicated to theology, history, historical apologetics, a whole slew of articles on obscure saints (another area I'd like another contributor for), liturgy, economics, and a section of apologetics contra Sedevacantism that will soon feature all of the now unavailable writings against the Sedevacantists done by Ryan Grant on the now defunct Athanasius Contra Mundum. Pages dedicated to apologetics contra Protestantism and atheism are in the process of developing.

One of the greatest features of the new site is the availability of free RCIA notes and outlines. I have talked about this before many times, and it is finally a reality - a full-scale RCIA course, based on the Church's teaching and the writings of the Fathers, available on line for free (although I am asking for donations). If you or someone you know could use these free outlines, they are available here. I have a page dedicated to parish resources that will eventually feature materials that can be used for Youth Groups, confirmation classes, etc.

The new site also features an ever expanding list of movie reviews. This is one area I'd especially like to draw some other writers in on. On this site I would do movie reviews occasionally, using a papal tiara system for rating (on the premise that since nobody else was using the papal tiara, I would use it to rate films). I never was able to do to many here, but with the help of a collaborator, the new site already has about 55. If you'd like to write some film reviews occasionally, please let me know! It needs to grow.

There's also a store on the site that is pretty small right now; it just has a couple of books that I've pitched on here before. But I intend to open it up to anybody who has a self-published book they'd like to promote.

I have a lot more plans for the site. Here's what's in the works:
  • A comprehensive series on biblical archaeology.
  • A compendium of faithful, traditional religious orders with write-ups about each one.
  • A tradition-friendly Confirmation curriculum drawing on the writings of the saints.
  • Podcasts, videos and other multimedia content 
  • Sections of the online store set aside for homemade Catholic art, crafts, music, etc.
It is an admittedly grand vision, but not impossible by any means. Had someone gone back to 2007 and told me that this blog would have almost 1,000 articles over five years, I never would have believed it. It has been a great time, and this is the next step.

This blog will remain up. I will continue to post here, keeping longer, more scholarly posts for the new website. I may occasionally cross-post between the blog and here. I'm not sure what the relation between the two will be, but the important thing is that this site will stay up.

Thank you for all who helped get this site up and running especially Blake of Popin Ain't Easy who wrote most of the excellent movie reviews, Amanda of A.R. Danziger Art and Design who did the banner and some of the graphics, Lawrence and Kasey who contributed some excellent articles, and most of all, Noah, of Alleluia Audio Books who spent almost a year on the phone with me every week troubleshooting the site and working on the back end. Bless you all for your help in getting this off the ground! It's so awesome that you all offered so much help and that we have never even met in person. The Internet is awesome.

I do hope you enjoy the new site. Please check it out, refer others to it, and if you are interested in contributing to it, let me know. I would like the new site to be open to any Catholics who can write decently. This site is growing already, but it will grow faster if others jump on board, too! Even if you don't want to write new stuff but have already existing articles or reflections that you'd like to submit, please let me know!

Anyone interested in writing or posting anything on the new website should contact me in the combox with your email address and I will follow up with you.


Anonymous said...


An excellent and sorely needed resource.

May I provide some information that may also be of assistance?

If your readership, fellow parishioners, family or folk you know either have need for, or know someone who may benefit from the following, Xavier society for the Blind provide

Rosary in Latin
Selected prayers in Latin
The Latin mass (Pius V edition) in Braille.

Xavier also provides the full Catechism of the Catholic Church (1995 edition) in Braille. They provide weekly propers for the NO Mass in Braille (not sure if these are also available for the Latin mass). In adition, arrangements can be made with them to provide this material in giant print or audio format.

Xavier Society for the Blind has a webpage here;
that contains information about all their services, plus contact details.
is also an invaluable Christian service for persons with vision impairment or blindness that is very Catholic friendly and provides support on making the local parish church truly accessible for persons with vision impairment or blindness, and by extension, everyone.
Please provide a link to the 'Foursight for the Church' programme
whose introduction can be found here
'Foursight for the Church is completely adaptable for the Traditional Catholic environment.

I've the foursight material and am in the process of becoming a 'Foursight rep' to serve the Marounite rite in my local area, and God willing, will extend this to the general Catholic landscape of my area, all rites.

You may wish to partner with Xavier to make your RCIA notes available in Braille etc for candidates who have a vision impairment or blindness (same for audio/Giant print). This need was telling in my own Adult Christening programme and the only thing that made it work was my existing Bible knowledge and independant accesss to material on the Sacraments etc in accessible format.

Boniface, you've a golden opportunity here. Often persons with a disability are relegated to the margins in Trad circles. You have the chance to rectify this.

i shall pray that your new website is used of God to bless others and extend the Kingdom of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and His Blessed Mother Mary.

If there is anything i can do to support you in this area, please feel free to respond in this comments box and leave a way for me to contact you electronically off blog.

Blessings and many thanks for your tireless work defending the Faith and fighting the good fight,

PS: for computer access and access to print material go to
for Braille Bibles, go to
who provide bibles in audio and giant print format , as does Torch; whose audio is in Blindness specific navigable format known as the DAISY system.

John said...

How very exciting. Congratulations, Boniface. I'm going to treat myself to Athanasius Contra Mundum's sedevacantism article first. I was going to save his whole site before he shut it down, but sadly I forgot.

Marko Ivančičević said...

Excelent page.
Keep on.


spraffmeister said...

The website is ineffably good, Boniface. Thank you so much for making this available.

God bless