Sunday, March 03, 2013

Recent Posts on USC

I am sorry I have not posted as much as of late, but like all of you I have been spending a lot of time simply following the news out of Rome. Let us pray and fast and do penance for the Church and beseech God to send us a Holy Father who is capable of leading the Church out of the wilderness into the Land of Promise!

Here's what's new on Unam Sanctam Catholicam:
  • Blessed John's Lost Legacy: Great article (by a contributor) on the great divergence between who the progressives think John XXIII was and who he really was, based on his long-ignored encyclicals.

  • Theory of the Hijacked Council: Examining the Pope Emeritus' words on the "Council of the Media" versus the "Council of the Fathers."

  • Laesio Enormis: The late Roman and medieval legal principle that contracts and economic transactions could sometimes be so one sided that the law needed to step in to rectify them.

  • Rudesind of Celanova: Obscure saint, bishop-warrior of medieval Spain.

  • Children's Examination of Conscience: A very thorough examination of conscience for kid's 12 and under, downloadable PDF format.

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Boniface. In order, the first three pieces are all excellent; especially timely is the Just Contracts one; that'll send into a tizzy the "catholic" devotees of the two agnostic Jews (Von Mises and Rothbard), so revered at Lew Rockwell and other sites.