Thursday, March 07, 2013

Who can teach RCIA?

From a reader:

"I have a question about who can teach RCIA. Is it assumed that a teacher in the program is a practicing Catholic in communion with the Church? When would a divorced person who is not in communion with the Church, and is not receiving Communion themselves be qualified to teach? I see this as very counterproductive."

Obviously, I am in agreement here. A divorced person not in communion with the Church is not an ideal RCIA instructor and can hardly be said to be a decent witness of the grace of God. If the pastor allows this to go on, then I question the state of the catechesis in that parish in general.

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Titus said...

Who can teach RCIA? Well, the answer ab experientia would be "anyone who is shockingly ignorant of the doctrines and disciplines of the Catholic faith."