Friday, September 27, 2013

Recent USC Articles - Luther, Greenland, Sedevacantism and more!

There have been a lot of great posts on USC in the past month, though I have not been able to post as much as I would have liked. There's some wonderful stuff on Luther, Sedevacantism, biblical contradictions, a new RCIA lesson plan, and much more. Please check it all out, forward to your friends, and if you are so moved, consider making a donation to the upkeep of this blog and website. I put countless man hours into it, not because I seek anything, but because the Lord says "my people perish for lack of knowledge" (Hos. 4:6). Donations help me pay for different plug-ins for the website, pay the hosting fees, and other things associated with maintaining a web presence. And where else can you find this much cool material?

Okay, I am tooting my own horn a bit, but please consider it. Click the button below to donate; anything is appreciated, and I will remember you in my prayer intentions before our Lord.

I also want to introduce a new addition to the team whom you will never see but who is vitally important: John from Edinburgh, Scotland. John, noting that most of my website articles are pitifully laden with misspellings, typos and other grammatical problems, volunteered to take on the thankless task of sloughing through all my material to clean it up a bit. From here on out, you should not be seeing the typos anymore - Lord willing. God bless John.


Glosses reveal a Gnostic Luther: A collection of notes and glosses in Luther's own hand, only recently compiled, reveal that Luther, far from being an Augustinian, despised Augustine and admired the Manichees.

Sedevacantism and the Alleged Loss of the Four Marks: Reprint of an old Sedevacantist rebuttal article from the now defunct Athanasius Contra Mundum.

The Distraction of That One Sin: Some meditations on what to do if you feel your spiritual life is dominated by a struggle with a single sin.

A Visit to Greenland's Hvalsey Church: Undoubtedly one of the most remotest churches of the Middle Ages, and one of the best preserved.

Contradictions in the Bible, Part 2: Another 65 alleged contradictions rebutted.

Protestant Implications for Doctrine and Unity: Without an authoritative, visible Church on this earth, what do terms like "doctrine" and "unity" ultimately come down to in Protestantism?

Roman Frescoes and the English Martyrs: One of my favorite historical articles I've ever written, the interesting story of how some old Roman frescoes helped in the beatification of the English martyrs.

Movie Reviews

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972)
Courageous (2011)


Teaching the Second Vatican Council (RCIA Lesson Plan)


KHK said...

I sent you an e-mail months ago asking how to donate, but I still have not been able to get around to it because of complications with bank accounts and PayPal! I think, however, this week or the next I will be able to, and then I will do my best to repay you for all great material you have so generously provided us with!

PS: Do you speak speak and write French?

Boniface said...

Yes, I recall! I have since fixed that problem and many people have successfully used the Paypal button since. But if you are still having problems, (I think I offered this last time), I would be happy to give you a mailing address if you want to send a donation via snail mail.


KHK said...

Yes, you offered, but it seems way too unsafe to me. I suppose I am spoiled by modernity. Besides, you or I'd have to exchange the money and lose whatever you lose on that. Also, the troubles were on my side. At least I did not get far enough to encounter any other problems.

Going from one thing to the other, why do you link to a tattoo site ( They aren't even very good tattoos...

Boniface said...

Forgive me; I did not realize you were in another country.

Lavare Pedes used to be a trad blog; not sure how it turned into a tattoo blog. I deleted it.

x said...

I am happy to see a cooperation between you and James Larson.