Sunday, September 21, 2014

Request Sunday

You would think that after seven years of blogging, I would be running out of material. In fact, the opposite is true; the longer I blog, the more my ideas branch out into seeds for new articles. As of recently, every day two or more ideas has been coming to me and I have so many concepts for articles that I cannot keep them straight or prioritize them.

I also get a lot of requests; the above picture is from the inbox of this blog and website, where I have a backlog of requests for articles going back almost a year.

What do you think I should post on? I guess I'm taking requests; of course, sometimes it takes weeks or months until I get to something, but as long as the request is reasonable, I will put it in the hopper and get to it when I can.

Below you will find a list of subjects that are already in the works to a greater or lesser degree for the next six months; what else would you like to see me post on? 

  • More Heresies of Balthasar: Balthasar insists that Christ possesses the virtue of faith.
  • Modernist thought in the writing of C.S. Lewis [UPDATE: Complete; see here]
  • Catholic Women: Why you can't find a man
  • Comparisons of Old Testament Israelite monarchy to current Church hierarchy
  • Philippians 1 and the Communion of Saints (contra Protestantism)
  • Follow up to this Nephilim article [UPDATE: Complete; see here]
  • Follow up to this article on the theology of the State
  • Hesychasm
  • Satis Cognitum and Sedevacantism
  • Critiquing the "brick by brick" approach to Tradition [UPDATE: Complete; see here]
  • The orientation of early Roman churches [UPDATE: Complete: see here]
  • More stuff on evolution
  • More biblical archaeology stuff [UPDATE: See our Biblical Archaeology articles here]
  • 2 Pet. 2:24 (contra Protestantism)
  • Catholic approach to tithing [UPDATE: Complete: see here]
  • More stuff about Bayside
  • Joachim of Fiore
  • Medieval penances
  • More videos (remember to subscribe to our Unam Sanctam Catholicam channel on Youtube)

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Anonymous said...

You might post more frequently...

Boniface said...

I post an average of 1 time per week, often times twice. I also post to the website usually once a week.

Roody Oody said...

C.S. Lewis, Nephilim and evolution are three I am looking forward to. Bayside is irrelevant and there already is enough evidence against it that any person with a sliver of sanity will laugh or cry at it. Don't waste your time.

People who think you should post more frequently are, of course, people who like and enjoy your blog very much, as they'd like to see more of it. But they are also people who spend too much time on the Internet and want everything to keep a fast pace to entertain them, with no regard to your life. I believe the quality drop with more frequent posting would disappoint them, and even if all remained the same except the frequency of the posting, it'd never be enough. My point is, take the compliment, ignore the request.

Boniface said...

Thats my thinking too, Roody.

But in the month of September, I did the math and I posted an average of once every three days, and that's not counting the website. It's not as if I'm going months or something. ;)

Regarding Bayside, I know that's what many people have told me, but I have a thing with it because people I know are into it.

Truthseeker said...

Interesting that Bayside should once again come to the fore.

Regarding yet another hater on the Bayside story, Roody Oody stated " Bayside is irrelevant and there already is enough evidence against it that any person with a sliver of sanity will laugh or cry at it".

Would you care to present this evidence then Roody rather then just make generally derisory and dismissive comments? I suspect you are yet another ignorant poster that knows next to nothing about the subject you sneer at.

As for Boniface, well what is there to say about him on this subject. He has a 'thing' for Bayside. Apparently he has friends who are into it and this is the driving force that compels him to attack, mock and ridicule both the messages of Bayside and those that believe them.

I am sure they are friends to Boniface, but he is certainly being no friend to them. Convert them away from Bayside Boniface? With sheer force of ill will, pride in your own authority and contempt for the opinion of your 'friends'? Why that is just stupid stupid stupid...

Roody Oody said...


You are right in that I have little knowledge of Bayside, but what little I know have been errant and harmful. I hope you fulfill your name one day.


You're right, it's not like you're James Larson (hint hint - get a move on, you old hippie). I understand about Bayside, then.

red6020 said...

I know I would be especially interested in "Modernist thought in the writing of C.S. Lewis," Philippians 1, heyschasm, satis cognitum, "the brick by brick approach to tradition," stuff on evolution, stuff on biblical archaeology, 2 Pet. 2:24, tithing, and medieval penances, but that's a lot and practically the majority of what you said.

So my top 5 would be modernist thought in C.S. Lewis, brick by brick approach, more stuff on evolution or biblical archaeology, 2 Peter 2:24, and medieval penances.

Keep up the good work! I sure enjoy it

L Hennessey said...

I would be very interested in the brick by brick critique

Truthseeker said...

Oh Roody, yet another soul following the prideful example/bait of Boniface straight off the cliff into an unknown abyss.

You stated "You are right in that I have little knowledge of Bayside".

Why is it then that you, just like Boniface before you, seem to feel it is acceptable to demonstrate such gossip, false witness and general lazy contempt for something you admit yourself you know little to nothing about? Presumably you consider your self a practising Catholic. Perhaps you need to practice a bit of self control and humility rather than display such dismissive arrogance.

Do what any right minded man, let alone practising Catholic should do when confronted with a subject they know little about. That is to hold your tongue and reject the demonic temptation to make an ill informed and unjust judgement....because by your very own words, you condemn yourself.

"But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgement. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."

Anonymous said...

Hi Boniface,

You may post once per week or more, but you are obviously not keeping up with my frivolous search for entertainment.

I mean, c'mon!!

Brett said...

I enjoy reading your Traditional Answers to modern difficulties in Scriptural Exegesis section and also the Obscure Saints. Brett

Woody said...

How about a detailed discussion of the catechon in 2Thess.? There was a piece that I saw once discussing the interpretation of it by Carl Schmitt of all people, and how it fit in with Schmitt's thought.

David said...

I would be interested in hearing the "brick by brick" approach to Tradition, the Catholic approach to tithing, and modernist thought in the writing of C.S. Lewis (I have always liked C.S. Lewis so I am a bit apprehensive as well as interested in what you have to say on that topic.) Like others I am not interesting in any more stuff on Bayside.

A.R. said...

Maybe this is too large an idea for one blog article, but I'm interested in how to give an honest answer to Catholics who have left the Church for protestantism, claiming that they were never taught how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I don't even mean people in our generation who were fed nothing but Modernism at Mass, but those were old enough to remember the Latin Mass. There are abundant examples of deeply moving devotional prayers meant for an individual's prayer time at home in the 1945 St. Andrew's Missal. Why the incongruity? How did the Church fail to teach what it had, and how can we show them that an intimate relationship with Christ is at the heart of Traditional Catholicism?

SPC said...

I also enjoy your Traditional answers to modern difficulties in Scriptural Exegesis, and would like to read more of them as well.

Ben said...

I would quite like the brick by brick critique, as well as more on Balthasar. I just bought a book of his and am rather shocked at some of the heresies and ambiguities in it.

God bless,


Boniface said...

Here's the CS Lewis article everybody:,-the-psalms,-and-modernism.html

Anonymous said...

I noticed at the bottom of the article "introduction to the Nephilim" you stated that you were going to get into more depth about the Watchers and such in the next article. This subject interests me greatly and I wanted to see if that article was going to come out soon?? I know quite a bit about this subject myself, but I have a friend whom I was talking about this stuff to and I want to give him a solid article to read that puts it all together for him. I'd really love it if you'd tackle the follow up article to the Nephilim piece. Just a suggestion :)

Boniface said...


Yeah a lot of people have been waiting on that one for a long time. I have one I am working on now in the differences between Christian contemplation and New Age meditation. When I am done with that I will do the Nephilim part 2. I've been putting it off because it will take a lot of research!

Boniface said...

FYI, if you have been waiting for the article on the Watchers, I have completed it. Please check here: