Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Medjugorje: Thanks from a Priest

It's been a long while since we've talked about Medjogorje here. Over the years I've done a lot of posts on the subject, and though none are very recent, they remain some of the most viewed articles on this blog.

We recently received a very kind letter from a Franciscan priest laboring in Canada about how this blog and website helped him see the truth about Medjugorje. Below is the letter, edited only slightly to remove references to other individuals:

Dearest Boniface,

I would like to commend you for particular work you've presented here concerning the events taking place in Medjugorje. I am a Franciscan priest currently stationed in Canada. 

Boniface, if there was anyone who had hoped the alleged apparitions there were true, it would be me. I am convinced however, now, that after doing further reading up on the subject, I was wrong and imprudent in not only being in favour of the apparitions, but also preaching things about the scientific evidence (which now I see is not evidence of the supernatural; in fact an even greater witness against anything supernatural is occurring there) as I had seen presented, as a motive of credibility for the existence of God. I should have been more prudent. In any case, things have changed with me and in my alarm and concern for the well-being of people entrusted to me, I am now simply relating to them what the Church has thus far indicated concerning anyone's planned involvement in pilgrimages, conferences, etc. 

One of the articles which really helped me see the history as it evolved to the build up of the allegations in 1981 was the "Understanding the Herzegovina Question." I want to really thank you for that...

If you have any info that may be useful to me in my pastoral concern for these sincere people, would you please send it my way or let me know if you post an article concerning this on your website/blog? I would really appreciate it...

Anyways, Boniface, thanks for your courage in speaking the truth... let me just say it has helped me and I am one who is entrusted with helping others in the same way to be patient, and obedient to our rightful pastors, who need our prayer, loyalty and help in spreading the Truth... the good news. Blessings and peace.

And bless you, Father! The article referred to above is "Understanding the Herzegovina Question" on the USC website, which is mandatory reading for anybody serious about understanding the background of what has been going on in Medjugorje since 1981.

Another interesting post on Medjugorje that I did several years ago on Ryan Grant's old blog was on the question of John Paul II's alleged "approval" of the apparitions, as related in various second and third hand accounts. Ryan's blog went defunct, but before it did I copied the article and reposted it here, though I think it went under the radar at the time. If you have never read about John Paul II and his alleged support for Medjugorje, please check out this link. As with much else about this phenomenon, the truth is pretty far from what the Medjugorje proponents assert.

You can also view all our older posts that discuss Medjugorje here , though a lot of these come from 2007-2008 when my writing was a little less refined and are sometimes more rants than anything else.

Please pray for this Franciscan father and his mission. 


Truthseeker said...

If only Boniface, you would have done a fraction of due diligence on Bayside and Garabandal that you appear to have done on Medjugorje. Perhaps then you would not have totally blitzed your credibility on Marian apparition articles.

Boniface said...

I'm doing more due diligence on Bayside than any of the others. Bayside is the only one where I am reading every single message.

Truthseeker said...

LOL - So you are doing the due diligence now for the third article it would seem. But alas you have already displayed your clear contempt for Bayside and those that believe it in the first two articles.

You know, those flawed, error and insult strewn articles you wrote BEFORE you had even read the messages.

Your heart and mind were set along time ago. You epic confidence/arrogance in your own opinion and authority will not allow you to back down now.

Perhaps you should reflect first and write a few articles on humility and bearing false witness before you commit any more bias in your heart, across to publication.

Remember, the good book; "But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."

That is your thought for the day...

Boniface said...

Oh c'mon...just because I said I did not MOST due diligence this time doesn't mean I did no due diligence last time. I never posted on any apparition that I at least did not read some of.

Truthseeker said...

You replied before you even reflected at all it seems.

By stating you have done due diligence, if it turns out you have not, then you would in effect be condemning yourself.

So with that in mind, perhaps you should read again CAREFULLY your very first paragraph of your very first article on Bayside.

I have to go out now, but will comment again later.

Truthseeker said...

You have an interesting way of dealing with me Boniface. Your approach is threefold it seems.

1. Respond to the comments i publish
2. Ignore the comments i publish
3. Refuse to publish my comments

Seems to me you only respond with short and rather lame comebacks when you feel you can, which is rare.

If Bayside was such a easily dismissed and fake apparition site as you claim why are you so completely unable to articulately and accurately defend your position?

Your scrambling attempts to now actually read the messages will not help you. Bayside is too big and complex a subject, and you research and understanding is woefully lacking. I suspect that reality will dawn on you sooner or later.