Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mr. Potato Head liturgy

Well, I'm back after a hiatus of a couple of days...I had to prepare 12 kids from our parish religious education class for the First Holy Communion, which we celebrated with great solemnity and joy today.

Here's something amusing from that dissident-heretical anti-ecclesiatical group Call to Action: a liturgy from their 2008 West Coast conference that is being called a "Mr. Potato Head" Mass and a "Master of Puppets" liturgy. The closing Liturgy of the 2008 West Coast Call To Action Conference, held in San Jose, California, last week demonstrates why faithful Catholics must move to convince U.S. Bishops that the time has come for the full dissolution of all false renewal (see: dissent) groups within the Church such as Call To Action.

A syncretic Buddhist meditation opening the Mass… Liturgical dancers bodies gyrating with one another and toward the Word… Life-sized Mr. Potato Head Jesus Puppets (complete with stoles) appear concelebrating the Mass… Use of leavened instead unleavened bread…Denial of the spiritual reality of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit within prayer… Homily given by layperson, and other abuses I’ll leave for competent liturgical experts to define, explain and mourn. Liturgical abuse notwithstanding, all this spawn of the Devil only amplifies the reality of the endangerment of souls, whom after having allowed themselves to be led into association with formal, organized, and long-standing ecclessial disobedience to the Church, now find themselves separated from the right ordering of their Catholic faith and its practice, as conference workshops and presentations confirm.

Here is a clip of their "liturgy." Dare you watch the entire 5 minutes and 23 seconds of it?

*Sigh.* What a disaster! In the Old Testament, God only put up with so much idolatry and abuse within the Jerusalem Temple before He sent forth His immutable decree for the destruction of that disobedient people and their slavery in Babylon. Even the reforms of righteous King Josiah were not enough to assuage God's wrath after the abuses perpetrated by the wicked Manessah. Will God turn back again to us or have we offended Him so that there is nothing left but to pray for a swift end?


Unknown said...

Have the bishops denounced the Call to Action organization? If not, why not? That was the most horrific collection of abuses - I would not even call it a liturgy in any sense. Interesting how many of the people were old with white and gray hair. Few young people, thank God. There's hope for us all, don't despair!

Cruzamante said...

I´m agree with you: What a disaster!
Catholic rite? ¡¡¡Puajj!!!
Thank you for including my blog in your list.
Your in Christ the King.

Anonymous said...

Not that I condone this action, but at least they are at the "cold" side of the spectrum. Traditionalists are at the "Hot" side. The ones we really need to watch out for are those N.O. bishops and priests who are "lukewarm." They are the deceptive ones who will "talk a good game" yet have no desire to handle the flock in the appropriate manner. They continually are out for their own gain and will say whatever is necessary to be "liked." Much like a politician, these "lukewarm" clergy are leading the flock to disaster. Yes, the attrocities of what you have brought forward are extremem. But at least they are seen openly. Those that hide behind the veil of "false" virtue are the danger. We all know these types and some meet them weekly if not daily. Beware the enemy bearing gifts. Satan is deceptive and has enlisted many to attempt to lead us all to death. As we used to always say, "watch your back, the enemy is invisible and aloof." Remember, a deceptive person will tell you what you want to hear with a smile and stab you in the back at the first opportunity. It's a shame that some of these are what we call clergy.

Boniface said...

They were all grey haired, weren't they? I'd say that liturgy was a "room full of Q-Tips"


Zach said...

I'm pretty sure it was held in a nursing home. Couldn't you smell the Geretol?

Bob said...

No comment so far from our Bishop McGrath here in the San Jose diocese, where the travesty took place.

Boniface said...


I have done a little looking into Call to Action, and here is what I found, from the editors of Los Pequenos Pepper, who donate much of their time to exposing CTA:

CTA members have been excommunicated in the Diocese of Lincoln under Bishop Bruskewitz, who described CTA as “totally incompatible with the Catholic faith.”

CTA appealed the excommunication but the Vatican upheld Bruskewitz. Cardinal Battista Re, the prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, in a letter concerning the Vatican’s judgment against CTA in Lincoln, wrote that this dissident organization is “causing damage to the Church of Christ.”

That certainly raises questions about the status of the group’s members in other dioceses.

Stephanie Block, editor
The Pequenos Pepper