Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Request from readers

I am doing my senior thesis at Madonna University on the divorce case of Henry VIII. Can anybody find the name of the bull of Julius II dispensing Henry from the impediment of affinity to he could marry Catharine? Better yet, does anyone know of an online text of this bull? Don't bother going to papalencyclicals.net - they don't have anything by Julius II.


Nick said...

I honestly wouln't know where to look. I just checked Patrologia Latina, but it only goes upto the 12th century, and you need 15th century popes.

I'd be very interesting in reading your paper after it's all done though.

Mr S said...


Page 11, 12

Sorry, the Latin is the best I could do.

Clare Mulligan said...

It is called Goa Hedin Marrier.

Anonymous said...

Ad Librum Secundum