Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Articles This Week!

Here's what's new on the Unam Sanctam Catholicam website.

The words "flesh" and "eating" in John 6
St. Tanca of Troyes (obscure saint of the week)
"Into Great Silence" (film review)
Lawrence Krauss's "Nothing" is not Nothing
Fractional Reserve Lending and the Economy of Promises
The Relationship between Gluttony and Lust
Great Books on St. Joseph, Prince of the Church!

I'm still looking for a person or two to write some brief obscure saint biographies and do some movie reviews. Movie reviews are particularly simple; whenever you watch a movie, write a little summary of why it was good or why it stunk and email it to me. Any one else who wants to contribute in any way is welcome to as well.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear USC. Because to eat somebody's body and To drink somebody's blood is symbolic language meaning to assault and persecute , if Jesus was speaking symbolically, He would be saying that the way to eternal life is to assault and persecute Him.

"Beginning Apologetics 1" by Fr Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham, San Juan Catholic Seminars, explicates the entire issue with references to the apt old and new testament verses.

Boniface said...

Yes, I am doing another article on that whole issue separately in the near future. Thanks!

Marko Ivančičević said...

I watched the Great Silence in one shot! It was so awesome!

spraffmeister said...

Boniface, as a medievalist, have you read Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset? It's about the life of a woman in 14th century Norway and I think it portrays the Middle Ages fairly (i.e. not with all the negative spin that you usually get).