Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day of Decision

Friday is the Day of Decision, the day when Summorum Pontificum takes effect. What will happen? I wish I could say that the Traditional Mass will be offered "from the rising of the sun till its setting" and that millions would flock to it; that the poverty of the Novus Ordo would be clearly seen and that the liberal bishops would go nuts. I wish it was all followed up by another Motu Proprio by His Holiness mandating the use of the Traditional Latin Mass in every diocese and a mandatory return to Gregorian Chant.

Unfortunately, I do not think anything even close to this will happen. I think that for the most part things will continue as they are. Perhaps maybe one or two parishes here and there in each diocese will offer a TLM, but it will be outside of the regular schedule and will probably not cover their Sunday obligation. I think the bishops will interpret the MP away and will drag their feet on any implementation of it.

I also foresee several battles in dioceses where the priest is compelled to appeal to Ecclesia Dei. I am very interested to see how these will turn out. If Ecclesia Dei backs up the rights of the priests solidly, then other dissenting bishops will back down.

Tradition is making a comeback. Youth are interested in the TLM. Chant is resurfacing. All is coming into play, because Jesus will not let His Church lose its power and majesty. Let's all pray for the Holy Father and for the wide and generous application of the Motu Proprio.

Beyond the issue of the Traditional Latin Mass is the issue of papal authority itself; will or will not the Pope use his God given authority to restore order and discipline in the Church? Will or will not the bishops and dissenters of the world submit? Will or will not Catholics become reacquainted with the Mass of the Ages, or will they throw up their hands in disgust and go to the Bible Community Church down the street. These are the issues that the next few months will deal with.

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