Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are you smarter than a 7th grader?

Today the 7th grade history class that I teach is taking their Midterm Examination. I have uploaded the exam they will be taking to Google Docs so that all of you can take it as well. Please visit this link and try your knowledge of Early Modern History. A few of the questions pertain to some specific books we read, but I think most of it could be considered general knowledge. You'll have to print it out if you feel inclined to do the map coloring section. All questions refer to European and American history from about 1500 to 1648. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Give me a hint..... just on the first question, please.

Name?? In what part or age of history would I find the answer?


Jeremy said...

I can tell you that #1 is not the "Fuggers".