Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hindu Persecution of Christians in India

Think all religions are just as good as Christianity? Some liberal Catholic theologians would like us to believe so. Here's an interesting article on Christian persecution by Hindus in India. I bet you have not heard about this on the mainstream media.

Karnataka, Hindu protesters incite the massacre of Christians
by Nirmala Carvalho
A leaflet, distributed in thousands of copies lists the Christians “crimes”: love for their fellow man, education of the youth, refusal of the cast system. The text, signed by Hindu nationalists, threatens death to all those who remain in the state without converting to Hinduism.

Bangalore (AsiaNews) –Christians in the Southern Karnataka state “must immediately abandon Indian territory, or return to the mother religion which is Hinduism”. If they do not “they will be killed by all good Indians, who by doing so will show their virility and their love of the country”.

These threats are contained in leaflets given out yesterday by the thousands in Chitradurga district. Written in the local kanada dialect, the text lists” the “crimes” the Christians commit: Treating everyone with love and showing compassion to the helpless, helping the poor and converting them, educating the orphans and converting them, promoting freedom to marry, organising free medical care and ignoring the cast system”.

The letter is signed by Hindu radical groups, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Jagrutika Samiti of Chitradurga district Karnataka. Sajan K. George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, told AsiaNews: “These handbills are being widely circulated, but it is only the last in a series of anti Christian acts that have long plagued the State”.

In fact, the activist continues, “Regularly pastors are being beaten up and prayer meetings being disrupted and our scared books are burned. Certainly this most recent act is cause for deeper concern because it incites people to murder us”.

This is why he concludes, “all right-thinking persons, the media and the government must cry a halt to the violent hate-mongering being engaged in the name of religion”.
This is how the world responds to the Gospel, and we must always keep in mind Jesus' words that those who preach the truth will be persecuted; don't be deceived by the utopian ideas of a false, worldly peace between different religions. Peace will only come when every single man, woman and child on the face of the planet becomes an orthodox Roman Catholic, and I imagine that will only happen in heaven.


Anonymous said...

youre a mono brained pig

Anonymous said...

Christians will remain christians itself...or else u can kill them...
No true christian fears death as jesus said...if anyone kills u just bcoz u r a christian,then u r lucky.Heaven is for u people...
so dear fundamentalists don try to threaten us with death..we are not cowards like u who fear death.....