Monday, March 03, 2008

Homosexuality in School

In most school districts around the country, homosexuality is promoted as a legitimate alternative lifestyle that is equal with heterosexuality. Many parents who homeschool choose to do so because they are uncomfortable with the way in which the homosexual agenda is often times promoted openly by the public schools. But such was not always the case. Check out this instructional video entitled "Boys Beware" from the 1950's. This video was once shown in public schools in order to inform kids about homosexuality. Would something like this be permitted today?


Anonymous said... former high school's library is currently decorated with a distorted/smeared (in blood red) American flag overlaid with photographs of civil rights activists being attacked by policemen.

The text? "Gay Power."

Anonymous said...

I should hope that this kinda thing is not allowed today. It's highly inaccurate and scare-mongering.