Friday, July 11, 2008

Oprah is "foolish twitter and twaddle"

Many other Christians are growing alarmed at Oprah's 46 million strong "church," and the evangelicals are starting to condemn her en masse. Take this little blurb from Religion News Service:

In recent months, Southern Baptist newspaper editors also have written editorials declaring "It's time for Christians to `just say no' to the big `O'" and calling her a source of "foolish twitter and twaddle." And Charisma, a prominent charismatic and Pentecostal magazine, ran a story in its July issue with the headline "Oprah's Strange New Gospel.'"

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Anonymous said...

I have seen quite a bit in the different news services about Oprah and her new found religious beliefs. 46 million lost souls. These are the weak, the ones who have little faith and will follow a fad no matter what. Not much different than a lot of our, so called, Catholic Parishes and Diocese. At least Oprah can justify clowns during mass. After all, it is her creation of religion.

This could fall under the warnings against false prophets and teachers. All the more reason to be grounded firmly in the True Traditions of the Catholic Faith. If we are grounded solidly, virtually nothing can shake or reshape our Faith. There is no ambiguity with the True Traditions and Teachings. There is no doubt or question. It is plainly stated and does not allow for variation (unlike the teachings of today found in the largest part of our church). Theere is no Plato or the other philosophers of the secular world. There is Thomasine Philosophy which is the philosophy taught in the Traditional Seminaries. Scripture first then philosophy, not vice versa, as we find in the majority.

Oprah? The Catholic liberalism has allowed this sort of thing to surface and become dominant. Why? Because the Church no longer has the strength it once did. I agree with those who feel that a smaller church, but one much stronger in Faith, is the best remedy for the world situation today. This brings the True Faith and Tradition to the forefront and people will see what a "Real Catholic" is truly like. Not the Protestantized version.

The prophecies are seen everyday. And Oprah could be considered as part of the prophecies involving false prophets. False teachings are the enemy of a true Christian, and we all should know that the only True Christian is a True Catholic grounded in Tradition and the Teachings that have been passed to us through the Early Church Fathers.

Today, I am not on a rant (pretty amazing, isn't it?) but just attempting to make sure that all realize the dangers that they face if they are weak in their Faith. The Church Militant is not just a buzz word. We are real and are needed. You can either join us, or be a member of the lost. It's like I tell people who question and doubt, if we die and I'm wrong what did I lose? But what if I'm right. If we follow the Traditions firmly, we cannot go wrong. And the question of whether I'm right or not? I assure you that because of Faith, I am right.