Friday, June 27, 2008

One year anniversary!

This week is the one year anniversary of me and Anselm starting this blog (the exact anniversary will be on Sunday, June 29th to be exact). I have had much fun putting this blog together for you all and I hope you have been blessed by it as well. I again apologize for the infrequency with which I have been able to get to posting in the past several months; indeed, I fear that the days of daily postings (or even multiple postings daily) may be done while I am in college. That being said, I will continue to do my best!

In the meantime, I have put together a tremendous list of links to some of mine and Anselm's favorite and best posts of the past year. Please recall that in October, 2007 I accidentally deleted all of my pics for the blog, so the earliest posts may have no pictures with them.

The Convert/Cradle Dynamic: a look at the way Protestant converts and Traditionalist cradle Catholics view the Church differently.

Does the Church teach spontaneous Creation?: a look at some historic statements on evolution from the Magisterium and the saints.

Henry VIII divorce shocker: my unconventional historical conclusion that the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon was, in fact, invalid as Henry asserted. He's still a jerk, though.

Dispensible Disciplines: even though disciplines are not de fide doctrine, does that mean they are just dispensible?

"We agree on essentials": ever heard Protestants say this? Well it's not true!

Wife symbolizes God??: an analysis of the odd phrase in the CCC which states that in marriage the wife symbolizes God.

Are they really the same?: a critique of apologist Jim Blackburn's assertion that the TLM is not any better than the NO is assisting in growth in personal holiness.

Reflection on Tradition: some thoughts on how traditions form and become obsolete.

Oprah Winfrey is the Antichrist: Uh...this one explains itself.

Resurrection Appearances: a review of the traditional method of harmonizing all of the Resurrection appearances of Christ.

The incredible, vanishing Rerum Novarum: why do contemporary Magisterial documents on social justice neglect to reference Rerum Novarum?

Dictation: the Church does indeed teach divine dictation with regards to the inspiration of the Scriptures.

Did anything happen in 1054?: The Eastern Prthodox are in schism, but it didn't happen in 1054!

Excellence is not showing off: for people accused of being condescending or talking down to others just because you try to do something well.

Semantics of reform: the subtleties of what people mean when they say they want to "reform" the Church.

Historicity of Daniel: the book of Daniel was not written during the time of Antiochus Ephiphanes.

Hey,Constantine!: the first Christian emperor tells us about the true Faith.

I'm back from Columbus: NCYC and everything that goes with it.

Where is the ark of the covenant?: first post in the whole series.

Rome was no accident: the headship of the Church in the city of Rome is not due to historical accident, but was part of the divine plan.

Melancholy Christmas: why Christmas songs are sad.

Ten signs you have a bad Bible commentary: ten red lights to watch out for.

At the crossroads of ecumenism: a critique of Cardinal Dulles' stupid assertion that ecumenism ought to consist of sharing our feelings.

Ever heard of epiky?: revisting an old concept from Canon Law.

Protestant and Catholic lyrics: why even Protestant lyrics are better than sappy Haugen/Hass crap.

Evangelical power of the faith: just give people the Truth on its own terms and God will take care of the rest.

The term "extraordinary": it seems that the word means two different things when applied to Extraordinary Ministers and the Extraordinary Form.

"Jobs Americans won't do": they don't exist.

Pigs and evolution: discovery of supposedly extinct species.

Strongholds of traditionalism: where is traditional Catholicism making the greatest headway?

Is reincarnation real?:definitive proof that reincarnation is in fact true (okay, not really...).

When did smoking become a crime?: a stupidity of the anti-smoking lobby.

If you're gonna do it wrong, at least do it right: banality of modern vernacular lyrics contrasted with older English hymns.

"But they're Catholic, too": why that is not a reason to support illegal immigration.

Youth groups are Protestant: sad but true (usually).

Myth of the ignorant priests: were Catholic priests in the past ignorant? Even a Protestant Englishman from the 18th century says no.

Rails not just for TLM: they work great in the Novus Ordo, too!

No alliance with Muslims: do various monotheistic religions of the world need to "unite" to fight off the greater threat of relatavism? No way!

Question on custom: when, canonically, is a custom established and what binding force does it have?

Historicity of the Flood: the anthropological universality of the flood.

Dissecting "We are Church": why I protest the use of that loaded phrase.

Trajectory argument: why the argument "we should just be happy that we're moving in the right direction" is not a good one.

Homosexuality and media culture: Batman and Robin are placed under homo-suspicion.

Should Mother Teresa be canonized?: a serious look at some of the reasons why Mother Teresa ought not to become a saint.

Is carbon dating accurate?: amuzing pics of fossilized fingers and cowboy boots and a critique of the carbon dating system.

Cult of sensitivity: people are too sensitive! Suck it up and take it like a man!

Blame it on the ignorant laity: a refutation to the charge that the laity in the pre-Vatican II period were ignorant and poorly catechized.

Position clarification: where the writers of this blog stand on the Novus Ordo Mass.

Orthodoxy is not enough: contesting the idea that good orthodoxy consists in not actively believing any heresy.

Who do so many Catholics believe in penal substitution?: how Protestant soteriology has influenced Catholic thinking on justification.

Well, is their one rite or two?: comparing Benedict's assertion of two forms of one rite with Paul VI's declaration that the Novus Ordo is a "new rite."

Hope in Latin America?: why the Church in Latin America is a joke.

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Happy Anniversary of your "birthday".

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