Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anselm is back in Austria!

Grüß Gott! I'm back at school for another year of graduate studies. Summer was ridiculously busy, please forgive my prolonged absence (I'm surprised, but happy, that Boniface didn't give up on me altogether).

I arrived only little more than a week ago, but have already participated in an anti-homosexual [fake]marriage demonstration in front of the Parliament building in Vienna. By the grace of God, an attempt to legalize the same was thwarted last year partly through popular resistance.

Below is a picture of my little town taken from one of the little mountains which surround us.


Anonymous said...

Your trip home was so short. You are always a breathe of fresh air, and you need to stay safe (and behave) while you are gone, so that you can come back and do a lot of good!!

Pray for us that we can survive with Boneface (I mean Boniface). It is so much work to keep an eye on that man.

Don't forget to vote!!


Boniface said...

Blessings to you on another year of studies in beautiful Gaming! I've said it many times: Gaming is like a little piece of ought to mention that your group from ITI went to pickett at the express request of Cardinal Schoenborn, did it not?

Anonymous said...

Indeed it did; we were requested by the Cardinal to be there, especially the families. There are something like nine babies due to be born amongst the ITI community this year (out of a student body of about 45).