Friday, December 28, 2007

6 Month Anniversary

Tomorrow, December 29th, is this blog's 6 month anniversary. Since that time, we have had 267 posts (counting this one) on a variety of topics ranging from politics to history and definitely a lot on liturgy (By the way, to see our very first post, click here). Anselm and I both sincerely pray that you are blessed and edified by what you find here on Unam Sanctam Catholicam. After New Year's, I'll put up some of the best posts of 2007 for you all to check out.

In the meantime, if you want to give Anselm and I a good Christmas present, how about letting somebody else know about this blog or forwarding a link to one of your favorite articles to somebody who has not yet visited here. We like to think that the work we do at this blog is at least somewhat important to the life of the Church, and the more people we can get connected the better we can work and pray to restore the Traditions of the Church. Therefore, please take a moment and let a friend know about this humble little corner of Cyberspace.

Now, as a Christmas present to all of you loyal bloggers, I'm going to put up pics of Anselm and myself so you can see who we are:

Here's a nice pic of Anselm. When I first met him, his flesh colored eyes were difficult to get used to, but I finally accepted him for who he is.

Here's a picture of me from a recent Vatican stamp. I really take issue with this representation though, because I don't think my jowls are that big.

Hope you are all having a Merry Christmastide! By the way, speaking of Christmas, click here for the words to my favorite Christmas carol. I think the words, the typology, allegory and the connection with old Anglo-Saxon England that they hearken back to are all beautiful. However, the arrangement on the above link is not my particular favorite. Unfortunately, the arrangement of it that I like is very, very rare. I did find it, though, sung by the Norwich Cathedral Choir. You can listen to it here.


AquinaSavio said...

This has quickly become my favorite blog, besides A Catholic Life. May God bless you both for the excellent job you do!

Joseph Fromm said...

I love the site you are already in my links section.