Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pope Condemns Climate-Change Prophets of Doom

I love Benedict more and more every time I read stories like this! For the upcoming World Peace Day on January 1st, Benedict prepared a talk that acknowledged global warming as a fact (which I think he is dead wrong on), but stressed that efforts to combat the phenomenon had to be based on solid, scientific evidence and not on dubious ideology. The text of his speech was released early, as delegates from all over the world convened in Bali, Indonesia for UN climate change talks. The author of the article (Simon Caldwell of the UK Daily Mail) called Benedict's comments on global warming a "surpise attack."

You can find several excerpts from Benedict's speech here. I am glad he finally came out and drew attention to the fact that this global warming issue is overhyped and baded on ideologically driven pseudo-science. It is about time somebody stood up to these eco-terrorists.


Jeff Miller said...

Unfortunately the article totally over-hyped what the Pope actually said and took just one sentence to go much further than what the Pope said.

Andrew said...

why is it that you don't believe global warming is a fact? Its pretty well documented in the scientific community. I've never understood the rabid hatred of that issue by traditional Catholics.

Boniface said...


This actually has little to do with being a Traditional Catholic. I am against climate change because:

1) It is NOT well documented and far from certain, a few years back over 8,000 scientists signed a petition in the US saying that global warming was not a threat and that it was overhyped.

2) To the extent that it does happen, it is caused by natural fluctuations in the earth's atmosphere, not human emissions.

3) It is driven by a socio-political agenda that involves robbing the USA of its sovreignity and forcing International Law on us.

4) It often degenerates into earth worship, valuing the created world above human life and even (as we saw last week) people aborting children because they don't want to overpopulate and further "contaminate" the world with more humans.

I will do a much more in depth post on the issue next week hopefully.