Saturday, December 29, 2007

Updates from Coalition Ecclesia Dei

The Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei has given a response to several inquiries by persons wanting to know about the status of the TLM around the country since Summorum Pontificum. The status is good: the TLM is spreading for sure.

Before July 7, 2007, the Coalition shipped 1,000 Latin-English Missals each month. Since July 7 we have shipped 1,000 booklets every week. In May, we had reprinted 20,000 booklet missals, and ordered another 20,000 in October. Latin-Spanish books have been reprinted, as have the books for Requiem Mass. The Nuptial booklets are next, their report said.

By the way, in case anybody is buying in to the notion that you have to be an arch-conservative academic egghead with a mastery of Latin in order to get anything out of the old Mass, the Coalition also reports a call from a father who ordered booklet missals for his family because his 12-year old son prefers the Old Latin Mass to the new English Mass. This is so simple, even kids get it! What was that Jesus said about "out of the mouths of babes and suckings..."?

The Coalition also reports that orders for the Know Your Mass book for the training of altar boys are also up, and that 800 training DVD's ("The Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven") have been ordered by priests wanting to learn the TLM.

These are most encouraging facts! If anybody else out there has any stories about the spread of the TLM, please keep us updated!

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