Monday, July 16, 2007

Hans Kung Honored...By the Freemasons!

Dissident theologian Hans Kung was recently awarded the "Kulturpreis Deutscher Freimaurer" (Culture Award of German Freemasons), for a "lifetime of service to the Craft" and for being a "free and brave thinker." Kung lost his mission canonica, the faculty to teach Catholic theology, in the 1980's. Kung rejects the Church's infallibility, posits that any baptized person has the power to confect the Holy Eucharist, denies that bishops receive their teaching authority from Christ, and denies that Christ is "consubstantial" with the Father. In his book On Being a Christian, Kung denies the bodily resurrection of Jesus (p. 350), denies that Christ founded the institutional Church (p. 109), denies the divinity of Christ (p. 130), dismisses the miracles of the Gospel (p. 233), and denies that the Mass is the representation of Calvary (p. 323). If ever there was a man deserving of an award for a "lifetime of service to the Craft," it is Hans Kung!

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Alexander said...

Reminds me of when Italian Freemasons tried to give JPII an award but he declined it.

Why? Because the ecumenical and inter-religious relations that JPII organized and implemented were interpreted by the Freemasons as “spreading the ideals of fraternity and understanding.”

I don’t think JPII had the intention of spreading what the Freemasons teach, but I do think that what he did was highly questionable and sometimes confusing.

I have a blog post about it here (and some Masonic reaction of Vatican II).