Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cardinal Dulles stricken with "neurological problem"

This just came in from the Office of Catechesis in my diocese; Avery Cardinal Dulles was scheduled to come speak here this month, but this morning the Diocese announced that he would not be available because:

Sister Anne-Marie Kirmse, OP, Personal Assistant to His Eminence, Avery Cardinal Dulles, contacted the Diocesan Office of Catechesis with the news that Cardinal Dulles has developed a sudden neurological problem which has rendered speech near impossible. Therefore, with regret, it is announced that due to this sudden physical ailment, Avery Cardinal Dulles hascanceled his visit to the Diocese. Cardinal Dulles' doctors have determined that he did not suffer a stroke; however, the origin of this neurological condition remains as yet unknown. He remains alert and able to communicate by writing. The Cardinal is undergoing testing to determine the exact nature of his condition and the correct course of treatment.

Very odd, indeed. I do not know of any other neurological problem besides a stroke that has these effects. Please keep Cardinal Dulles in your prayers; I know he is not the best one we have, but he is pretty good, as far as Cardinal's go.


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