Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who searches for the most sex?

Google has recently come out with some statistics breaking down who does the most searches for certain key words by nation. Thus, for example, the new report states that Internet users in Germany, Mexico and Austria did the most Google searches worldwide for the name "Hitler." Which country or group of countries do you think did the most searching related to topics of a sexual/pornographic nature? I am sure most of you will say the United States, but this is fortunately not true; we are not even in the top three.

Then, surely it must be Europe. With their pornographic channels on the public airwaves and their legalized prostitution in many areas, they are so far down the path of secular humanism and their immorality is so widely known that they probably do the most searching for sex online, right?

Nope. Then it must be Asia, of course. Everybody knows that Asia is the center of some of the world's greatest centers of prostitution and pedophilia. God only knows how many innocent children have passed through the flesh markets of Singapore, Bangkok and Hanoi. Is it Asia? Again, the answer is no.

Then who in the world does do the most searching for sexual material on the Internet? The answer, according to Google, Inc. is the Islamic countries. Google relates that the single country that does the most Google searches for sex is Egypt. This is followed by India, and third place goes to Turkey. It looks like the Islamic countries are not as immune to western decadence as they would have us believe!

Also interesting is that the most Google searches for the word "jihad" came from Morocco, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Click here for the original report by Reuters, along with the rankings for other words like "burrito," and "Tom Cruise."


Andrew said...

india is not an "islamic" country. Technically, it is secular, and the majority religious is hinduism.

Boniface said...

Sure, but Islam is a huge religion in India...there are millions and millions of them there, especially in the north. Furthermore, it does not matter that it is officially secular. Turkey is also officially secular, but it is still an Islamic country because it has a massive population of persons who practice the religion of Islam.