Thursday, October 11, 2007

Interpretive norms for MP "quite soon"

According to an article in the Italian journal Il Giornale by Andrea Tornielli, an interpretive set of norms for implementing Summorum Pontificum might be released "quite soon." The reason? Benedict is keenly aware of all the foot dragging of many of the bishops; the article reports that Benedict was "quite displeased" with all of the "resistance." Ecclesia Dei reports that in the past weeks (since September 14th) it has been flooded with letters, questions and petitions from people angry about the luke-warm implementation of many bishops. I pray to God that Benedict issues an interpretive guidline and does it soon! While he's at it, he should issue one for Dei Verbum, Sacrosanctum Concilium and every other ambiguous Vatican document that has come out in the last 45 years! God bless Benedict XVI!


Anonymous said...

"an AveMARIA ALUMNUS" NOT ALUMNI,which is plural.

Boniface said...

Oops! Thanks. I'll change it.