Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Into the fire

Well, I will be away for the next four days. For reasons I cannot fully go into and that I am not entirely in control of, I am going off to the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) organized National Catholic Youth Conference in Columbus, Ohio. There will be over 20,000 Catholic teens there from around the country. If this is something that the NFCYM is involved with, I think we know what type of event this is going to be. I expect to see lots of youth groups worshipping as if they were evangelical protestants, nuns without habits, female Catholic Youth Directors over 55 with butch haircuts and everything that comes along with it, speeches on how compassionate we need to be towards homosexuals (after all, they don't choose they're condition!) and much more of that type of ilk. There will probably been plenty of Haugen-Hass to go around as well. I will have a full report on it when I return. I should be posting again by Monday afternoon, November the 12th.

In the meantime, Anselm, our correspondent in Austria, will be posting on the goings on of the Catholic community in the heartland of the old Austrio-Hungarian Empire.

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Lisa said...

Unfortunately, I attended one of these conferences in high school, as well as a lot rallys and diocesan events. What can I say, I've grown up. As for the talks on homosexuals, I would be a little surprised if they did that. There may not be tradional cathlics there, but there will be conservative ones, and they don't want too much controversy. (Not only did I spend high school time in youth group, but I was a young adult leader as well :( ) As for the evangelical worship...doubtful. That's too Christian. There probably will be no prayer at all, at least not what we mean by prayer. Well, there will be Mass on Sunday, and most of the teens will complain that they have to go, and they won't even step to the level haugan/hass, if such a thing can even be said. They will sing Jesse Manibusen (sp?) nonsense. Tell me if I'm right when you come back. "Malo, Malo, Thanks be to God!"