Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hindus terrorized and killed by their false monkey gods

Have you followed up on this amazing story of how rhesus monkeys are running wild in New Delhi and have even led to a few deaths (among them a prominent minister)? Apparently, these monkeys have urbanized and are a huge problem in India's large cities. They have bitten people and even tried to steal babies. But can the authorities get rid of them? Nope. Why not? You guessed it: Hindus believe that monkeys are sacred (the incarnation of the god Hanuman) and protest their capture. Here are two articles, one from Breitbart and one from Reuters, on the menace of the Monkey God. Those monkeys need to learn how to dialgue more peacefully with their Hindu brothers!


Anonymous said...

I actually liked the Monkeys back in the 60's. I did not care for the TV show however. But Peter Nesmeth became rich, famous, and godly as the moving force behind TV rock videos which were the foundation of MTV.

So, if you smash these little guys do they then become rhesus-pieces?

jasoncpetty said...

Anyone ever read Shardik?